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Seven Conversations

What happens when we choose happiness over convenience?

Seven Conversations is a thought experiment on life and existence. The characters might be fictitious but their questions are not.

For Meera Sachdev, choosing a divorce at an early age of thirty over comfortable and convenient life was a leap of faith. Leaving her successful career and friends behind in United States, she returns to India where she is now reduced to ‘a failed woman who could not save her marriage’. As she begins to ask the real meaning of life, her call for help is answered by none other than Krsna – the Lord who is all-attractive. Her odyssey will take her through temples of Vrindavan, a deserted land and Himalayas as she discovers her deep spiritual roots.

In seven pivotal conversations with Krsna, friends, father, teacher and herself, she rediscovers life, love and her own identity. Beware, after reading the book, you might dare to choose happiness yourself. Are you prepared?

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"When loving becomes as involuntary as your breathing - you would have reached the state where loving means simply existing, it is not done to reap any benefits. Would you still call it selfish?"

Seven Conversations

Nistha Tripathi

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Nistha Tripathi



I am a writer and entrepreneur – wanderer would be more appropriate. I am by education an engineering grad from UIUC and MBA dropout from NYU but that is not important. I penned down Seven Conversations when I felt that life had given me a story to tell and it was my duty to tell it aloud.

I love traveling, photography, writing and painting. Some of my worthwhile trips have been to New Zealand (and a bungy from world's first bungy site), bioluminescent bays in Puerto Rico, Australian snorkeling reefs, untouched points in Hawaii and so on. I have written photo essays in a series called Tretar (Tretar Archives) on my blog.

Oh, and I spend a lot of time on Quora.


Readers love Seven Conversations

Masterful literary work

If there is one spiritual book from 2014 you must pick up, this is it. It would not be an exaggeration to say ‘Seven Conversations’ deserves a place on the same shelf as works from the likes of Paulo Coelho & Kahlil Gibran.

@Kapil Bhati

Truly incredible spiritual journey

There are instances in the book where pages are caught with fire suddenly. And there you start enjoying the fluidity of a spiritual journey, new in itself. Story of The City of Justice and its beautiful relation to Karma is captivating and thought provoking.

@Shashwat Singh

What is love? What is happiness?

There are many great quotes in this book which i really liked: "When loving becomes as involuntary as your breathing - you would have reached the state where loving means simply existing, it is not done to reap any benefits. Would you still call it selfish ?"

@Jayesh Gopalan

Simply amazing

The best book I have ever read on self-discovery. The author had beautifully described how we miss day-to-day happiness over success. A MUST read for everyone. Waiting for the next book by the author.

@Piyush Dubey

Loved it!

Wow! It’s hard to believe that this is a debut book – very well written with a lot of wisdom squeezed in just about 200 pages. A great read for anyone, yeah anyone!


Five star

The book has a very simple story, story of a girl next door. A story of pain and healing. A journey so beautiful. A book which connects you to God without really preaching it or being too loud. A MUST Read!


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