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According to Google, I am a strategic counselor who left MBA at NYU and high paying jobs in Manhattan to mentor students and young professionals in India via Scholar Strategy. It caches what I learned from my failed marriage and turned it into my first book, Seven Conversations (modern interpretation of Bhagvad Gita). It is not a sentimental Eat Pray Love - it is more like Matrix - which is bizarre. You have to read it to know what I mean.

According to Quora, I am kicking ass at giving advice about careers, education and Master’s programs. According to Instagram, I am a Digital Nomad who clicks nice pictures in Bali, Thailand, Auroville and random places and explores spirituality. According to Goodreads, I read a lot of books on self-help and personal development these days. According to my bank account, I spend more on travel, books, courses and electronics than on other possessions.

According to my Computer Science education at University of Illinois Urbana Champaign, I am a coder who can hack Linux kernel and write wireless routing algorithms. By my Wall Street stint, I can design trading software. According to my half MBA stint at NYU Stern, I am someone passionate about startups. I love talking to entrepreneurs and ideating interesting projects but mostly, I love writing. All these passions came together and consummated in my latest book called NO SHORTCUTS in which I interviewed few of the iconic Indian founders and got them to share their lesser known decisions.

But when I observe myself, I see a forever student of life who appreciates life for what it is. I am compiling my life lessons on Mental Traps, my latest project to break mental barriers and reach our highest aspirations.

I hate working for anybody else, so I created a lifestyle that lets me travel 6 months a year.

"Life teaches what no organization can"

Nistha Tripathi

No Shortcuts

Rare Insights from 15 Successful Startup Founders

No Shortcuts is an upcoming book that features remarkable ‘one-on-one interviews’ with 15 successful and ambitious founders of India

Where so many mortals fail, what makes few entrepreneurs tick and make their mark in history?

This curiosity led Nistha to pursue those who rose from humble beginnings yet making a dent in the big startup universe. This book is a record of that eighteen-month journey.

In her incisive one-on-one interviews with 15 ambitious founders of India including Girish Mathrubootham, Nithin Kamath, Jaydeep Barman, Gaurav Munjal, Tarun Mehta and others, Nistha uncovers the decisions and insights that led these startup founders to find their unique roadmap to success.

Read the never-heard stories of Freshworks, Faasos, Unacademy, Zerodha, Slideshare, Pulse, Aspiring Minds, Madhouse/Morpheus, Akosha, Ather Energy, Instablogs, Greyb, LikeaLittle, Wingify and Fashiate.

Seven Conversations

What happens when we choose happiness over convenience?

Seven Conversations is a thought experiment on life and existence. The characters might be fictitious but their questions are not.

For Meera Sachdev, choosing a divorce at an early age of thirty over comfortable and convenient life was a leap of faith. Leaving her successful career and friends behind in United States, she returns to India where she is now reduced to ‘a failed woman who could not save her marriage’. As she begins to ask the real meaning of life, her call for help is answered by none other than Krsna – the Lord who is all-attractive. Her odyssey will take her through temples of Vrindavan, a deserted land and Himalayas as she discovers her deep spiritual roots.

In seven pivotal conversations with Krsna, friends, father, teacher and herself, she rediscovers life, love and her own identity. Beware, after reading the book, you might dare to choose happiness yourself. Are you prepared?

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