It was fifth and it took five

Phew! that was close” was my reaction on the match as Fed executed a deft and strong overhead smash that sealed Rafa’s fate on the Centre Court at Wimbledon. It took a while for the feeling to sink in that the swiss has done it. Probably he wanted it to be extra-special and took 2 extra sets to win it! Hell, it took the breath away of all his fans for sure.

A day of historic moments, rare 5 set finale and rarest of all, display of emotion in public by Federer but wow, it made me feel he was human. I would commend Nadal more for breaking not Fed’s serve but his impenetrable professionalism. The fourth set was probably the worst for Swiss till date, he will not easily forget it. But fifth was so damn incredible, it was like seeing a wounded tiger on his hunt…the sheer wildness and desperation for victory of a champion in his home…I am just happy that it ended the way I wanted it to be. Everyone loves a close-fitting end but I would confess that it was too much to take in when it got that close.

So overall, if you missed that match…you’ve really missed something big. Roger now stands in the league of Bjorn Borg for equalling his record five straight victories at the grass dream-court. Borg was present in person to see himself being joined by the Swiss, lets see when does Federer succeeds in making Pete come on his fave centre court.

And truly, it was no less a day for Rafael. He saved the best for the finale as he literally pushed every barricade possible on Fed’s way. But it was probably the experience where Swiss got better off the Spaniard.

To summarize, there are no words for this spectacular finale and I am not even going to try. Period. Oh yes, I would just add Fed looks so s*** wearing that formal jacket and holding that grand wimbledon trophy with a million dollar smile 🙂

yep, thats five!

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