Taare Zameen Par

Is movie ke liye jitna kaha jaaye kam hai. Jo makaam Aamir Khan ne haasil kiya hai ek director ke taur pe, unhone bahut se anubhavi directors ko peechche chhod diya hai. I am totally bowled out with the message, performances and sensibility of TZP. It is a winner all the way.

Some comments (can’t help it right 😉 )-
1. Such a cool way to present titles!
2. Aamir Khan did not make this movie ‘his’ movie; he let the lead character develop on its own and provided a fantastic support when needed. (Yes, I am refering to the mega star SRK who, leaving few exceptions, overshadows his movies with his style…probably same for Amitabh Bachchan too)
3. Child’s expressions were awesome (again I think this goes more to Aamir’s credit, he actually does same magic that Shekhar Kapoor did in Masoom)
4. That Calvin & Hobbes stunt when the child gives his maths test was a bit unoriginal but who cares!
5. The hindi teacher’s character was friggin’ fantastic!
6. Aamir Khan is a GENIUS
7. Music could have been better

Excerpts from one of Aamir’s recent interviews-
“My choice of films is governed by my heart and instinct. I’m not governed by what the market demands. I loved the script of Taare Zameen Par and that’s why I agreed to be a part of it. It’s very simple. When I’m reading a script, I react to it as a member of the audience. If it excites me, I want to do it, irrespective of the budget.”
“I’m not trying to be different. There is no such pressure on me. I pick scripts based on what I like and the ones that I pick will be different because I follow my taste. Rang De Basanti and Lagaan were rejected by everyone, but I did them because I liked them.”
“I’m very much a part and product of this industry. It’s just that whatever I do in my life, small or big, I like to do it on my terms. I like doing things that I believe in. I can see that I’m an oddball and I don’t fit the requirements of what is recognised as a star today.”

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