who was that guy with 42 aces

Roddick….what a tragedy! Huge serves but that’s where the story ends. He made news when he entered the professional tennis and was one of the most promising starters. But his (and most of the others players’) nemesis Federer has practically finished him off. Well, that is what professional opponents are for but instead of living up to the rivalry like Agassi did with Sampras, Roddick just added on his frustration levels. He is merely 25 and has years to play more but he does not look at all on the correct track. He is ruining himself with temper, verbal abuses, statements and lack of professionalism. What else can it be attributed to when the guy makes a record of 42 aces in a match and loses. This reminds me of Ivanisevic and other big servers who could not encash their serve points to games.

Anyways, Australian Open is commendably challenging this time. Any bets on Mirza vs Williams?

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