2009 wrap-up: A remarkable year for ATP tennis

originally published: Monday, November 30, 2009 at 12:43am

David slayed Goliath at the ATP Finals 2009, London. He looks as surprised as the rest of us.

The smallest of top 8 to qualify for ATP final showdown for 2009 pulled a well-deserved victory over the tallest Grand Slam Champion ever and ‘Man of the moment’ – Del Potro. After beating Nadal and Federer in the same event, Davydenko matched the feat achieved by Del Potro at the US Open. But I would say he went a step further and beat the Argentine himself against the odds. He played an amazing cool match where as Del Potro was visibly erratic and volatile. His usual pounding strokes were not flowing as easily and the Russian was matching his power with his swiftness. Davydenko hit a beauty of a cross court winner at just the precise angle and unbelievable pace that left me awestruck for sure.

Anyways, before jumping into deep conclusions as the commentators appeared to, what could this victory mean? – frankly not much on its own. Davydenko did win 5 out of the 5 finals he played this year but is yet to make a mark as memorable player. He probably doesn’t even get much sponsors and as someone was pointing out during the match, pays for his own racquet. He maintains low key which is all good but hasn’t made to a single GrandSlam final yet. And that brings us to a very interesting point – Slams seem such a different deal than the 3 setters Masters’ series. Picking Grand Slams, one sees only Federer, Nadal consistently in past 2 years. Djokovic and Del Potro will need to repeat their success to prove it was more than a flash of brilliance. Murray is completely failing to live up to the expectations in Slams and Roddick highly unpredictable. These names already eclipse the likes of Davydenko, Gonzalez, Verdasco etc. I prefer Soderling who has beaten top 3 more often. So anyways, it remains to be seen how will 2010 play out. Djoker won 2008 ATP finals and despite considerable success at ATP Masters’, he remained tasteless at Grand Slams in 2009.

So, as we head into 2010, the important questions remain-

    Will Nadal get back on track?
    Will Federer continue his consistency in Slams?
    Will we have a Fed vs Nadal final ever again? – For Gods sake, fans deserve this. After the Sampras Agassi rivalry, the public has never seen anything as scintillating than a thumping Rafa and ‘trying to find answers’ Fedex. Encore.
    Will Murray ever win a Slam?
    Can Djoker and Del Potro do it again? This will also answer how much shuffling can we expect in top 4.
    Whats the future of Roddick, Davydenko and Soderling?

And here’s a recap for year that was in images-

Rafa - Australian Open 2009 (src: telegraph)
Federer - French Open 2009 (examiner.com blog)
Federer - French Open 2009 (examiner.com blog)
Federer - Wimbledon 2009 (core tennis blog)
Federer - Wimbledon 2009 (core tennis blog)
Del Potro - US Open 2009 (Reuters)
Del Potro - US Open 2009 (Reuters)

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