Stop taking pictures. Start creating images.

If you want to get better pictures from your camera, stop taking pictures! No seriously…

A picture is what you take when you click the shutter release in a hurry, without composing the scene, without any thought. It’s the equivalent of rushing to eat a pumpkin pie without pausing to savor the slight tinge of chestnuts in the flavor. It’s when you bump the camera while it hangs from your shoulder and snap that oddly angled picture of your feet. It’s the photos you took of your friend just because they asked you to, without care for either lighting or composition. It’s also generally what most of us are shooting when we pick up our cameras – myself included.

But if you really want to create, you’ve got to stop pressing that shutter release just because you can. Everyone can click. Instead, take the time to think and create a vision. Spontaneity in photography is nice but Da Vinci didn’t paint the Mona Lisa in a day.

Stop taking pictures. Start creating images.


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