A Crazy Weekend

Deadlines. Ideas. Team.

Light at the end of tunnel
Light at the end of tunnel

For sometime, I’ve been looking into few tech ideas. For sometime, I’ve been looking for people with same level of adrenaline and impromptu attitude. And for sometime, I’ve been researching the inane immigration and visa laws of Uncle Sam.

It is amusing to see that he had no problem in subsidizing the cost of my education and giving me resources to develop certain skills. But now that I have finally come to a point where I could do something actually meaningful, I am not allowed to work on my own. Well, I would refrain from getting into details but I am alluding to the f***** up policies about visa for entrepreneurs in USA.

Start-Up Visa: Congressional Legislation to Keep Talented Foreigners in the USA

“Every day the American economy is losing ground – not to mention high-tech jobs and technologies – to India and China because foreign-born entrepreneurs cannot secure a visa to stay in the US,”  [Polis] said.

New visa proposal to help create the next big thing

Anyways, I talked to few people with similar problems and interests and it shed some light on what you can [not] do on H1B visa. It seems that as an alien, your best bet to get something done is through OPT on F1 visa.

Moving to more interesting realms, I am excited to participate in TechStars Boston program with 2 cool teammates! Of course, we would be happily surprised if we get selected but what gives me more pleasure at the moment is to have a sellable idea and a team. Believe me, finding a team can probably be the biggest challenge as I realized. After that, it becomes problem solving – something that engineers should be good at. Interestingly, the results come out on 1st Feb, my D day anyways 😀 Thanks to VS, RX, BS and AK. If we get good start, I’ll write more about my team soon.

After a not-so-good interview experience earlier in the week, things seemed downhill until this. But I know that coming 2 weeks are crucial. However, I’ve learned (the hard way) that as long as failures can let you look into other options instead of weighing you down, you are ok. All iz well 😉

3 thoughts on “A Crazy Weekend”

  1. I think having an “interesting idea” is little more difficult than involving the right set of people. Anyways, Good Luck! All izz well 🙂

    BTW my RSS feed (before I refreshed) read at the end, “By the way, for all the Desi engineers out there – did you figure out which one of the 3 idiots are you?” 😉

  2. Yeah didn’t mean to discount the value of ideas but wanted to stress that the value of right team shouldn’t be underestimated.
    See, thats the problem with RSS readers! I removed that sentence but not before your reader could steal it 🙂
    And thanks a lot

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