Interview with Kellogg

I recently finished my off-campus interview for Kellogg application. Although it is not supposed to be ‘matched’, I was lucky to get an alumnus in exact same field of my interest. So, it was much easier to talk and there was lot to discuss given the common field. On the content portion, really nothing out of the blue (refer to the standard questions on forums, clear admit wiki etc) and my interviewer was very nice and made me feel comfortable. I hope I didn’t bore him too much since its hard to make me stop talking once I start off.

Secondly, it was first ‘blind’ interview for me and so I had to repeat a lot of stuff from my application and do the talking while putting everything in perspective. Overall, if you are clear about your groundwork and goals, such interviews become easier to handle.

Oh and Kellogg interviews everyone, so the interview invite itself does not mean much. In the end, its anybody’s guess and from past experience, I can say only one thing – speculation doesn’t help. I’ll know when I’ll know but it was the last interview for me and I am glad that I can focus on more fun things now: my canvas is unattended since ages and I need to experiment with my SLR a lot more. Plus, some internship hunting. And, hoping that weather pacifies a bit and Wednesday isn’t as dreadful as they are predicting.


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  1. very nice blog Nistha, very artsy! Sounds like you did well on the interview! I especially like your attitude towards the result. Often times, we as applicants are just too obsessed with this whole process. Best of luck!

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