Final Destination

Its the end of dreaded MBA applications road for me and my destination MBA is NYU Leonard N. Stern School Of Business. I can’t love their location any more than I already do. Here’s a shout-out to other Sternies enrolling in Class of 2012. Rest, picture always says it better. So, here’s my ‘Asterix style The-End of this incredible applications melodrama‘:

Joining NYU Stern

P.S Oh and I am a crazy Asterix fan and have his full collection. If you want any pdfs, drop me a line.

5 thoughts on “Final Destination”

  1. haha, i love the “flaky job market and insane visa law” bit~

    congrats on the big decision! i am sure it will be an incredible journey! btw, both Kellogg and Stern are purple! I never realized that!

  2. congrats nistha! hope to you see in nyc mba circles
    Indian IT and female is a little better than Indian IT male (I’d know heh)

  3. Thanks DC, so we are both going purple…cool! hopefully will cross paths in some school trip/competition etc…good luck!

    Thanks Praz,sure see you around. I don’t deny the gender part but I feel that at international level, diversity factor dominates much more heavily and once you are clubbed with the highly oversubscribed SEAsian sector, you are already doomed :D. Are you pursuing MBA currently?

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