Roddick’s comeback

Long time since I wrote on tennis. It has to be about the guy of the moment – Andy Roddick. It’s hard to dislike the American with his matter of fact attitude and positive energy. Once known only for his ripping serve, the guy is rising to big occasions so gracefully that its heart warming to see him win. 6 years of failure in big tournaments didn’t fill him with the kind of bitterness seen in Nole since he won Australian Open in 08 and Federer during his 2008 slump.

He gave credit where its due and accepted the cruel loss to Fedex in Wimbledon last year with grace and character. He was always in top 10 but never there. He was a sure shot quarter finalist and never a finalist. And then he partnered with Larry Stefanki in Dec 2008. The partnership bore early fruits and A-Rod unveiled such a well-rounded game plan that Federer had a hard time holding on to his serve in Wimbledon’09 final against the guy known only for blistering serves. Actually it started in the match before that – SF against Andy Murray on SW19 in front of a chanting English crowd. No one expected him to win and there he was. His unfortunate 5 set losses at US Open 09 and Aussie Open 10 were followed by convincing victories in Indian Wells (Finalist) and Miami (winner). However, what reinforced his presence was his SF victory at Miami against Rafael Nadal. I happened to see the full match and Rafa was brutal; to take the match out of his hands in such a calm manner just showed how much Roddick has grown tactically and mentally. Too bad, clay season is on the horizon, I can’t wait to see Andy in action on grass.

His serve is supposed to be so lethal because of the unreadability factor (as is Federer’s and Sampras’s) involved. His tossing action remains very identical irrespective of whether he hits the outer edge or the straight line.

What else is tantalizing about him? – Follow him on Twitter and watch his press interviews and you’ll know.

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