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I don’t know how Calacanis felt on betting his startup Mahalo’s shares in a game of poker or while losing $204,400 pot to ten-time World Series Of Poker champion but I know how it feels to pay a semester fee for a B School out of your pocket. I’ve found myself adventurous when it comes to taking risks – be it standing tough for the guy I loved or quitting a stable job. The time has come for me to go all-in.

As I wrap up things at work and prepare to re-experience the state ofย  ‘no income’, I find myself smiling. I remember the day at office when I had suddenly stood up in my cubicle and looked around in desperation. I won’t go into the details but I was looking for answers and I had got none. But I had realized something – I did not belong there professionally. This week is my last at work and as I stand at the brink of starting my MBA later in the Fall, I could not feel any more assured of my decision and my future. And I do not mean money; I do not mean status; I do not mean success – I mean professional and personal satisfaction – the pleasure of doing something you are passionate about. I feel a step closer to that feeling of accomplishment one senses on seeing Da Vinci’s Mona Lisa, hearing Beethoven’s 5th symphony, reading Ayn Rand or watching Federer win 16 Grand Slams.

For almost a year now, I have been involved with something creative on part-time basis. I have worked with Richard, a tennis pro on his tennis startup, My Tennis Fashion, as a blogger and media helper. I am currently working as a media consultant with Sarbjit on his sports and social initiative called Sports Doing Good. And if everything goes well, I will be working on an undisclosed new tech startup this summer and Fall. The only reason I could manage to do these is the love I have for energy of startups. It never felt like doing ‘work’, it’s been so effortless. I am picking up on business strategy development side and it is my intended area of specialization. I am in touch with some of the cool entrepreneurs in NYC and I just feel like I am entering finally into a world where I belong.

MBA will be the inevitable platform to learn VC financing, basic marketing and entrepreneurial economics without which I feel shaky about jumpstarting my tech venture. I know the stakes are high but from where I stand, the possible rewards heavily outweigh the financial risks involved. So, I am all set.

One thing I will miss about my job is my team. My team mates were truly phenomenal and I have enjoyed every moment with them. The world of banking and finance somehow failed to entice me but I will take the great lessons I have learned from my ex-Manager and Business Head. Work wise I had much to desire for and that is what I am going to keep in mind while choosing my MBA internships. So, its an end and its a new beginning – the glass, for me, always remains half full.

I will leave for a (well-deserved and desired) vacation now but I’ll be back soon. I wish everyone a great summer. So long.

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