The chronicles from India

Namaste (and this is the authentic one, not some oriental person trying some voodoo in Lost!) from India.

Every time I come to India, people scare me or warn me about vaccinations, water etc etc. I am yet to fall sick after eating roadside pani pooris. My immune system very sweetly supports every patriotic beat of my heart and I am very thankful for that!

I was as excited to see the great Rann of Kutch as I was for Grand Canyon and it was worth every minute I spent in heat standing on the sultry white salt under my foot. Walking on the Rann was like walking on a spongy water bed. The water would ooze out unabashedly as soon as I put a little more weight on my foot. The white salt glistening in afternoon sunrays kept me mesmerized till the heat broke my trance. I got to see a very small strip of Kutch but it was adequate to trigger my imagination into picturing the rest.

Long ago, the Rann was covered shallow with Arabian Sea but eventually water evaporated leaving behind a vast reservoir of raw salt – creating a huge salt-marsh. Kutch expands to tens of thousands of kilometers, even reaching out to the international boundary we share with Pakistan. Flooding easily in monsoons and cracking its heart open in dry summers, Rann could beat the best of natural wonders anywhere in the world.

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