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Life is funny and people are restless.

Bankers want to become consultants because they are fed up of long hours. Consultants want to become bankers because they are tired of traveling. But who cares about them, not this blog’s readers anyways, no? But then, kick a** VCs are becoming entrepreneurs now and of course the vintage entrepreneurs keep turning to the dark side all the time. I guess geniuses have an itch to keep surpassing themselves and also that until you have seen both the sides of this equation, you feel incomplete.

Rants aside, I am thoroughly enjoying my InSITE affiliation and real exposure to investment pitches for the first time.I am part of a 5 students team from Columbia and NYU that is working with a startup called that will be pitching for Seed Round in few weeks. Over this 4-5 weeks long engagement, I am myself learning the dynamics of this ecosystem and how to effectively present one’s idea. Apart from this regular engagement with one startup per semester, InSITE hosts some invaluable sessions for us and one such event was the mock term sheet negotiation. My most important takeaway was getting a sense of what makes for a fruitful startup-investor relation and some of the points made it clear to me why some VCs are so loved by their startups.

Further, I’ve attended some dazzling VC events this week in NYC:

  1. A talk by Mark Suster at CBS – I would highly recommend his blog ‘Both Sides of the Table‘ to anyone seriously interested in this domain. In person, he was a 1000 times more phenomenal than his already phenomenal blog, so you can imagine what a talk it was.
  2. A girls in tech event featuring VCs from Union Square Ventures, Time Warner Investments, Starvest Partners and Golden Seeds.
  3. I missed Steve Blank‘s talk at Columbia and heard it was great, will catch up the video soon.

I am reading Mastering the VC game these days and attending the author Jeff Bussgang’s talk on Monday. There are crazy amount of events going on and although I am loving each one of these, I think I’ll need a goooood Thanksgiving break to unwind myself – already looking fwd to the Puerto Rico trip!

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