InSITE applications are open

This post is a bit late but nonetheless-

InSITE is currently accepting Fellow Applications for the upcoming Spring 2011 semester. Find out more about InSITE. Please review the Student Application Instructions and FAQ. Applications are due by 5 p.m. ET on January 27, 2011. If interested, please apply here.

About InSITE-

InSITE is an entrepreneurial mentorship program that brings together top students from Columbia and NYU Business and Law schools to support New York entrepreneurs in the development of their businesses and their pursuit of venture capital and angel investments.

InSITE’s mission is to accelerate technology start-ups through early-stage development, transitioning them from seed stage into venture-funded companies.

Since 2000, InSITE companies have raised more than $215M in venture funding.

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As you might know from this blog, I joined InSITE last semester and have benefitted tremendously. It is the single most helpful resource in New York if you aspire to get into VC career path. I can’t recommend it sufficiently. I recently landed a fantastic Spring part-time semester internship with a VC firm and InSITE connections played an important role in it. More on the internship in a later post but if you are a student considering VC career and wondering about InSITE, do not think twice.

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