I believe it is very important to have idols in life or things that inspire you. Failures or disappointments can be like a quicksand pulling you down deeper before you lose the will to fight. Inspirations are a wonderful way to get out of these quagmires, prevent yourself from worldly noises and remain focused on your true goals. As you grow older, get engrossed in responsibilities at home and work, it gets harder to stay connected with yourself (yes, I mean you connecting with yourself). Find time to just think about yourself and what brings you joy. Think about things that truly make you happy.

Inspirations are also wonderful drivers. Any time I read an article about Steve Jobs, I get fired up. I read few blogs that make me feel optimistic after a rough day. I had Mona Lisa poster in my previous apartment, it is amusing how creative it made me feel every time I looked at it peacefully. Do yourself a favor and find your passion. Then find an idol who perfected this interest of yours. Read about her, follow her journey, remind it to yourself whenever things look downhill.

And, today, on occassion of Steve Jobs’ birthday, I thought I should encourage my readers to build their inspiration list as well. Here are some of my idols – Gandhi, Steve Jobs, Sampras, Federer, Ayn Rand, Ghalib, Shakespeare, Da Vinci and literally Lord Krisna and above all, my Dad. And some of my favorite inspirational objects – Shawshank Redemption, Fountainhead/Atlas Shrugged,  Mona Lisa, Ramayana, few songs. Phew, even mentioning them makes me feel blessed.

So, what inspires you?

6 thoughts on “Inspiration”

  1. People always write after they make money. They can afford to do that. I don’t see what is so great about this story. Just spend 1 hour all by yourself in the morning – by waking one hour early per day and you can have a similar experience. You don’t need the wealth (that he showed off so much – I think that was the pint) Greg has to “rediscover” yourself.

  2. Nice article, inspiration is one strong force which drives all of us. Thanks for sharing that wonderful pic at the end as well.

  3. Re-read the post and realized to answer the question “What inspires you?”, which is quite a thoughtful question, this is what comes to my mind,

    Malcolm Gladwell’s writing inspires me, Lance Armstrong’s determination inspires me, Bill Gates brilliance and generosity inspires me, Tina Seelig’s book (What I wish I knew when I was 20) inspires me, Sachin Tendulakar’s grace and humility inspires me.

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