How to get into Fred Wilson’s inbox?

NY is a city of big egos and although I am sure there are many humble people too, I have somehow met more tight-lipped snobs when it comes to the revered circle of successful Venture Capitalists and Entrepreneurs. I will always remember tonight as an exception.

THE Fred Wilson had come to talk exclusively to InSITE students tonight and I wouldn’t have missed it for anything since I am a big time follower of his blog and portfolio company Foursquare. The talk was nice, Q&A nicer and hanging out at a bar with him was phenomenal. He was talking candidly and honestly and HUMBLY to the eager students. When he was talking to you, he was actually listening and not just trying to slip out. I didn’t know how much worth it be to talk to him, so I did not try to cut in through the thick circle of students chatting with him for a long time. But eventually, towards the end, I saw him surrounded with just one another student…so I thought I would sneak in and give it a shot.

He nicely replied to my questions without sounding oh-I-know-everything. Then I mentioned something and he said, “send me an email”. I instantaneously and quite unconsciously replied, “oh come on, you don’t check your emails.” And he said, “I do”. After 2 mins of back and forth, he took out his iPhone phone and showed me his inbox – sorry, his priority inbox. He said, “see that email, now thats a nice subject, I will check it.” “But what if my email gets stuck in your regular inbox?” was my immediate question? “Then, nothing can happen. So you need to at least make it to my priority inbox, can you?” “I will find a subject interesting enough for you then” He smiled cunningly and said, “lets try”. I did and both of my emails eventually showed in his prioirity inbox few mins later! I am sure he was humoring me but that was so awesome.

Now I am going to email him on the matter we discussed and keep my fingers crossed that it makes it to his priority inbox and it looks interesting enough to him to open and read it. How much shot do I have? 50% to make it to the priority inbox and 50% then to get read. I dont know if that will happen but I will always remember how awesome Fred Wilson is.

Fred Wilson at InSITE

If you haven’t, you should check out his blog

P.S. Fred very generously mentioned this post on his blog entry and I have been getting a lot of vistors since! Thanks, Fred!

6 thoughts on “How to get into Fred Wilson’s inbox?”

  1. Who is that dashing lad on the far left of the picture who looks posed to launch the world’s next great company??

  2. Great going, ‘Nishta’ ! 🙂

    Fred’s blog on emails and subjects thereof is a good tutorial indeed. Also, he only talked about his conversation with you…

    Awesome! That itself speaks volumes of you, Nistha.

    Keep roaring ahead!

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