Regain your momentum

I got back from a long vacation and wanted to gain my momentum back on the project I’m working. So, I read through a bunch of articles and wanted to share these ones in particular-

1. How A Tiny Ohio Clothing Site’s Revenue Exploded From $5 To $50 Million In 1.5 Years
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I loved the hustling part of the founder. I’m seeing a lot of success stories on fashion, retail kind of startups these days because it doesn’t require the tech expertise where many aspiring entrepreneurs get stuck + working smartly on back end of supply chains has been proved possible and ideas easy to market using Internet. Also, obviously these people love this space and its easy to get passionate about something you love.

2. How to thrive as a solo non-technical founder

This is a great motivating read (read the links in between too) – showing that if the idea is simple enough, don’t waste time on finding a tech founder but just do it yourself. And reading this will make you realize why it’s important to be a cockroach.

3. Lastly, I read this more techie post on ‘Switching to Heroku: A Django App Story’ while researching how to deploy my test django app.
On same lines, Minimum Viable Ops – Deploying your first Django App to Amazon EC2 by Eddy Chan

It also led me to ask this Django question on Quora –

By the way, whenever I feel I’m losing steam, I do the same. Go to hacker news, business insider, tech crunch or whatever and read some great posts.

Ok, back to work now

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