For workaholics

Dear workaholics (including my brothers, friends, doctors, lawyers),

Did you know-

  • sunset happens everyday? I’m not kidding, it does! Try to look at it sometime, it is beautiful
  • the raindrops feel amazing on your skin
  • very few pleasures can match that of standing in sunlight on a chilly winter afternoon
  • going on a drive without having a destination and playing your favorite music can be better than a power nap
  • there’s something called ‘spur of the moment’
  • its fun meeting people without an agenda
  • cell phones should be owned by you and not the other way round
  • its ok to break your routine once in a while
  • hoarding too much money for your children will make them lazy and unappreciative of its value
  • instead of doing what you should everyday, try doing something you like once in a while
  • eating lunch out of a tiffin on sunday afternoon in an office is really sad
  • telling someone that everything will be fine will not just make him feel better but will make yourself feel awesome too
  • nothing, absolutely nothing, is worth your frown and sadness
  • you can get others to do more stuff by using a polite tone rather than the money in your wallet

oh and don’t forget that obscure thing called smile, its absolutely free! Again, I’m not kidding.


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