My type of fiction

Happened to clean my old cupboard and arrange some old fiction favorites and new books. Later books are missing as they sleep happily in my Kindle. And few are left behind in US including the inevitable Ayn Rand’s.

Books r too individual for tastes but if I had to recommend

Hunger Games for thrill,
P G Wodehouse for humor,
Animal Farm by Orwell for short political satire,
Mrityunjaya if u r ok with hindi, Life of Pi, Fourth K, North & South (Jane Austenish), Hitchhiker’s guide to galaxy.

I’m yet to read Immortals of Meluha, have heard its good. Have ordered Unraveling.


So, what are you reading these days?

4 thoughts on “My type of fiction”

  1. Meluha is quite good.” Confessions of an economic hitman ” is very intersting. Am reading “Osho on Kabir ” right now. We cant have a better friend than books , what do you say ?

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