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I thought I’ll start a ‘get inspired‘ series since thats what I’m writing mostly about anyways. And I’ll feature specific stories in a hope that it makes some sad person smile (you can smile even if you are not sad).

Today’s story is on Jeff Waldman who ventured from hanging free swings in San Francisco (nice choice!) to being featured on a $1.5M Coca Cola commercial directed by Academy Award nominated director and a TEDx talk. Now, one might ask why swings? To those I ask, why not?

Charlie has done great job on putting it in words-

Charlie: I love Jeff’s story because it beautifully illustrates how much leverage and momentum one person can get with an idea these days. Jeff started with a single swing and a Flip camera in Golden Gate Park. Then he did it again, with several swings and a better camera. He posted a video on Youtube, promoted it to art blogs, and built up some awareness of his project. He got a $1,000 grant, hung up 50 picturesque swings throughout LA, created a great video, and hit the front page of Reddit. That resulted in $11,000 raised on Kickstarter, a month of hanging swings in Bolivia, a TEDx talk in Australia, then his own Coca-Cola commercial and a $100,000 payday.

If you’ve resolved to a life of hating your job or being unemployed, there’s a very simple fix…Do something fun and interesting in your free time, then share it with like-minded people online!Take that first step towards building your idea, creating your art, writing your book, shooting your film, recording your song… Whatever it is, GIVE something you love to the world. Stop waiting around, expecting to be rewarded just for being here. You have every tool you need at your disposal. What are you waiting for?

The starting gun goes off everyday, the moment you open your eyes.

First step is the hardest to take because you are on a tread mill of familiar world – a known job, a known role. Most people spend their lives running on it without looking around or exploring what else there is to life. To jump off that tread mill is hard but once you get out, you realize you don’t miss it that much. And if you have jumped off, dont let the pressure get to you into jumping back in. Keep doing things you love because the answer lies there.

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