River can’t stop flowing


It has been a while since I wrote how life is (barring the vague attempts at poetry that were liked for some reason). It has been unplanned (serendipitous in betterĀ terms), experimental, adventurous (more like a spiritual adventure) and consequential. From trying fashion rentals to giving gyaan to students to traveling to yoga to writing a book, I have been exploring myself more than anything else. I am walking on an unpaved path hoping to see where it leads and I meet people who make me feel my switch from a mundane life in New York to supposedly untraditional path in India has been worth it.

Here are some lessons learned on the way (and there is a long way ahead)-

1. You have to keep trying till you find something that works. Losing heart? Don’t, you are already ahead of people who haven’t started trying yet.
2. It’s ok to realize and acknowledge what did not work. Failures teach more than the success.
3. Do you enjoy your work? If not, you picked the wrong domain. And once you are on to the thing that feels naturally comfortable to you, it won’t feel like work. Then, its just a matter of time.
4. Start small but don’t give up. Sometimes, persistence pays off more than brilliance.
5. I still feel shamelessly obstinate about doing what I like. I dont know why people take failures to their heart.

1. Every place and people offer something new about life. Embrace the difference. My last year’s trips to Vrindavan and Delhi may have altered my destiny in more ways than I can imagine.
2. Sometimes, I love wandering for the sake of it. It’s fun.
3. Visiting the non-famous unexplored spots can be more fulfilling than the crowded touristy ones.
And I’m leaving for Goa in the monsoons. I have no agenda except to keep my eyes and camera open. I know I’ll have some revelations (so, more on that when I do get back).

1. Its all about you and what you have within. I did muse on that previously too and I can only say that I love the sixty minutes I spend daily doing Yoga.
2. I have found myself much less angrier and calmer than before and yoga and meditation had a significant role in that.
3. I am more unruffled too. I did start some financial trading experimentations and I feel that I handle the outcomes on an even keel. Losses don’t unsettle me and well, profits are good to have. The real test is if people around can tell from your demeanor whether you just faced a success or failure. You have reached a higher plane if they can’t.

1. Patience is rewarding. No book can be written by a man who doesn’t have the patience to type those 30-80K words. I could not have finished the 60K book (and having rewritten almost half of it) without having the patience and faith that the story will evolve.
2. Completion is hard. I often find myself to be an enthusiastic starter but one who loses steam in between. The only conclusion I have from the fact that I could finish the whole story is that I love writing more than some other things.
3. Writing is a positive way to leave behind your negative experiences. Words and thoughts can turn darkness into hope.
So yeah, I am very excited to have a finished draft of my book. Next step is to find a publisher – not easy but then nothing worth achieving is easy. More on that in a future post too.

So, thats a summary of what life has been like. Always more to look forward to. More, soon!

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