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As I have countless times mentioned, I LOVE Wodehouse books and if there was some calamity and all the books had to vanish except for three authors – it should be Agatha Christie, PG Wodehouse and Ghalib.

Ok, so I stumbled upon Bookmate which hosts some great books online for free and I just finished reading Joy in the Morning (which I think is the best Wodehouse I have read and I have read a significant number of those). Here is the link for all Wodehouse fans – Wodehouse on Bookmate. By the way, I am just mentioning the links and do not support any piracy or whatever.

And here are some of his quotes/lines from the book (only if such metaphors popped into my mind!)-

She laughed – a solo effort. Nothing in the prevailing circumstances made me feel like turning it into a duet.

His eyes were rolling in their sockets, and his face had taken on the colour and expression of a devout tomato. I could see he loved like a thousand bricks.

Man and boy, I have seen a good many lower jaws fall, but never one that shot down with such a sudden swoop as his. It was surprising that the thing didn’t come off its hinges.

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