Story of a Macbook Air that didn’t power up

Life doesn’t offer second chances easily. So, when it does, make sure you put it to best use.

Last week after frying my logic board, my Macbook Air refused to power up. After infinite googling and trying out SMC reset unsuccessfully, I came to the conclusion that the problem is serious. I was scared for my data. Luckily, all I lost was some money. I finally took it to the Apple Service Center and they diagnosed it to be a failed motherboard. And it happened because of my stupidity 🙁

This was my lesson – remember to never use Macbook Pro chargers (60 W) on your Macbook Air (45 W) else you will ruin your motherboard & end up paying dearly for it. It was a full week of anxiety until I was assured that my data is not lost. Once I got the repaired Air back, I immediately backed up some critical stuff and ordered a second hard disk for redundancy. I had 5 years of hard earned photographs and some useful documents that I could not get from anywhere else – needless to say I was restless. For e.g. I wasn’t going to go to New Zealand again to click this sunset shot –


Another lesson – don’t forget to buy extended Apple Care protection whenever you buy a Mac (yes, that $249 for 3 additional years will seem cheap once you see your out of warranty repair bills). I did end up calling Apple customer support and remind them of my loyalty – after all, this was my 3rd Mac laptop, 4th iPhone and many more that have been bought by my recommendation in family and friends circle. They waived off all service and repair charges but I still had to pay for the new motherboard – which is like a new heart and as costly out of warranty.

By the way, I did consider trying some hacks myself but I guess I chickened out in the end. If you happen to be in such a sorry state (of losing your motherboard) and feel adventurous enough, you can try baking it. Yes, you heard it right. Check this out – Cooking the Books (or, Baking My MacBook Pro Logic Board).

So, that was the story of a dead Air and my close encounter with loss of valuable data. Be careful with yours.

4 thoughts on “Story of a Macbook Air that didn’t power up”

  1. Nistha,

    What was the output voltage of the 60W charger? Was it the same as from the 45W one?

    As long as the output voltage remains the same, your Mac would draw the same current from both the 60W & 45W chargers; it is after all a fixed passive ‘load’. So, it doesn’t (well, it shouldn’t!) matter what charger you use to charge your Mac.

    However, if the output voltage of 60W charger is higher than the 45W one or what you Mac can take, then, yes, such damage should be expected.

    Cheers for your saved data! 🙂


  2. This happened to me yesterday. The motherboard/logic board died. Gives me some hope to know data (read 6 months of research done in UK and India) might be safe.

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