An evening with Jaiprakash Chouksey

I often read his columns on Bhaskar, so it felt surreal to sit across and get to talk to him in person – that too on his birthday. As it happens, he is my mentor’s Dad (who I have thanked multiple times on my blog), so this meeting was long overdue 🙂

It is so different to know someone by face and to see him in person and talking. I got the same feeling when I talked to Kim Clijsters for a tennis blog I was writing for back in 2009. I can say I knew Mr. Chouksey by his writing – I knew at some level how he thinks and what his opinions are. He is so much more dynamic and stimulating in person, a man seasoned by experience and age. We did find some common topics to talk about – Taj being one of them. I have held some interest in photographing Taj and he has researched it in depth to write a movie script. I gifted him one of the shots I took last year and I hope he liked it.


I got to know from his son what a great journey he has had from being a Professor to one of the best commentators, critics and writers in Indian film industry. After reading him on diverse topics – mostly films, some literary and few personal scribblings – I feel a strong connection with his school of thought and shall always remain an admirer. Be it his commentary on Tarantino’s Django Unchained or musing over Nirbhaya tragedy, his words touch a cord in me and I am sure, many other readers. I wish him many more birthdays and great years of writing.

And, I shall cherish this special return gift from him 🙂


One thought on “An evening with Jaiprakash Chouksey”

  1. Dad has loved the photograph of Taj. Thanks .
    You are right that this meeting was overdue but we would ensure that the next one does not take such a long time. Dad has been to your blog and loved your ” Leap of faith” article.
    May Sai bless you.

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