Before I die


Uncertainty is an uncomfortable position. But certainty is an absurd one.

I’ll confess I hate uncertainty but come to think of it, what would be worse than knowing everything that is going to happen. Not knowing gives me hope and reason to wake up tomorrow. I am a brooder, I spend time brooding on the outcomes I don’t know. The permutations of what can happen run crazily in my mind. But I am working on it (being helped by good company I keep and yoga/meditation classes).

I don’t know the outcome of my book, other projects and some personal endeavors and yes, it would be great to know whether they will be successful or not. But would I have written the book with same passion/sincerity if I knew the outcome? Probably, not.

And this comes to the same point – accept the life in its current form and restrictions. It does not mean that we shall not make an effort to improve it but lets not spend time fretting about things beyond our control and enjoy life for what it is in our hands.

I took the above photo at a quaint cafe in New York. Before I die, I think I just want to live! And more importantly, make an effort to live. Bungy was one of the items I checked off my bucket list. And would love to be a published author too.

What’s your answer to ‘Before I die, I want to ___________’?

2 thoughts on “Before I die”

  1. Nice post.
    Before I die , i want to live . Live each and every moment as if it is the last one.
    Listen to this fab song from Anari
    ” kisi ki muskarahaton pe ho nissar , kisi ka gam mil sake to le udhar . Kisi ke vaste ho tere dil mein pyar.
    Jeena isi ka naam hai”

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