Life and the journey of Spirit


Dear Life, how you screwed me
I had dreams that you snatched
I craved for love that you demolished
I yearned for success that didn’t come

I cursed and burned in my wrath
regretting and longing all day long
that what should not have occurred
and the damned that never happened

I fired the cauldron of my unhappiness
With the embers of my dissatisfaction
And poured in it my delicate soul
stirring till it was no more

Decades passed by in that misery
As I waited for the tide to turn,
some blessing to shine upon my fate
and life to make up for its wickedness

I seethed until I grew tired
of the complaints and million regrets
Seeing that nothing came my way anymore
neither sunshine nor darkness, neither love nor hatred

I looked at the ashes of my soul,
burnt all but one smoldering speck of a spark
As I blew gently on it, it flickered
and the flame smiled back at me

For long now, I had been lonely
The warmth of that flame melted
the tears out of me, and I ached
upon finding how hollow I had become

Picking that last bit of my soul,
I started traveling to destinations unknown
With no goal, no expectations and no fear
glistening in the heat and shivering in the cold

No longer I felt alone; everything around me
gave me company if I acknowledged it
Unburdened of my discontent, I felt light
and ready to go all the way I wanted

Everything was unexplored and beautiful
once I started taking an interest
Every failure was meaningless and trivial
once I knew the value of just trying

Dear Life, how you blessed me
You gave me the fountain of bliss
that can never dry, as long as I
replenish it with my soul and spirit


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