Mai samay hun


I watch the new Mahabharat on TV and have actually grown fond of it and it’s different take from the previous legendary version created by B R Chopra and immortalized by Mukesh Khanna and Nitish Bharadwaj (and many other extremely well played characters). But as I was watching some clips from old one on youtube, my thoughts invariably got hooked on to the ‘samay’, the narrator. It was a brilliant concept and still remains so.

Time is omniscient – as it is even now. Time is watching you and me and if it had a face, it would smile at our wonderments for it can see it all – what is it that is about to unfold. If it had a voice, it would give a prelude to our life stories. If it had emotions, it would probably choke over the tragedies that are about to occur or smile at the happy endings. But here we are – and we can only keep guessing in its absence.

We don’t have the luck of Arjuna who had the advantage of a guide like Hrishikesh himself. We can only wonder, sometimes even helplessly. But the answer is probably in this picture here – we can only do our duties and leave the rest to Him.


I have read Gita again and again. I don’t know if I understand even 10% of it, I am probably too ignorant for it but whatever I have, has had a tremendous impact. It helps you take out of yourself and watch the bigger picture and sometimes in that picture, you can see the inconsequential things that you worry about. Whatever it is that you are fretting about doesn’t matter and you will see it in some time – perhaps some years.

There is no place for euphoria or regret, success or failure, sad or happy because they are different sides of the same coin – illusion. Let the outcome be not our motive. Work because you should, love because you should and live because you should. Let success be not the driving factor and failure never be a deterrent. Let us accept things for what they are and make the most of our lives.

P.S. I don’t talk about religious topics but then I don’t consider Gita to be merely a work of just some religion.

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  1. “I have read Gita again and again. I don’t know if I understand even 10% of it”. Exactly how I felt, that’s why I have stopped reading it now.

    On a separate note, you have a way with words, waiting for your book to come out.

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