We all need our share of failures

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Everyone faces failure at some point but what eventually matters is how resiliently you bounce back. The more you care, the harder the failure will hit but that’s how much sweeter eventual success is going to be as well. And that’s probably the only difference between a chance success and person who succeeds in long term. Failure is only the beginning, never terminal. Whenever you are down, remember that everyone’s been there but only a few had the courage to get up again. Those few eventually made it. Those few are the ones truly living it. Those few are the ones who have the courage to start from zero anytime, those are the ones who do not take things for granted, those are the ones who don’t get dazzled by undeserved success. Rejections hurt, right? Yes but it takes one acceptance to wipe out all the rejections before it. So, I hope you will work for that one acceptance because at that point, the rejections don’t really matter.

Src: Tumblr

Amusingly, I have always failed at least once at everything (except courses). I did not get into MS the first time, in fact I had 9 rejects and 1 lousy admit which I passed. I worked for a year and reapplied and got into a dream school. Same story with MBA – applied 8 schools in total (4 first time and 4 next year) and got just 1 admit at NYU. The point is I was eventually going to enroll at one school only, so those other rejects didn’t matter anymore. Seriously, if there was a doctorate in failing, I would be a top candidate for it.

Similar story with startups, jobs and even relationships. I have seen failures pretty closely. But, I know one thing – all you need is that one YES. So, don’t give up.

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  1. Reminds me of a couplet by Jaan Nisaar Akhtar.

    bahut nakamiyon par aap apni naaz karte hai
    abhi dekhi kahaa hai aapne nakamiyan meri

  2. Vaha, Nistha !

    Ghanu sarum… khuba ja preranadayi. Tame hammesa prerana.

    Wow, Nistha !
    Very good… very inspirational. You always inspire.


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