Tretar 3, The People That Define Us

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This one is special. For the first time, I would like to share few lines from my upcoming book.


Feb 14: I took this picture in Goa. I have often captured nature’s beauty in Goa but I loved the human element of this snapshot. It screams out the value of relationship and love. It is about the people in our lives. And when I think people, I think of some lines very dear to me. As you might have guessed, Seven Conversations is about seven pivotal life changing conversations and I am quoting these lines from ‘Conversation of Light’-

Every person you meet has been assigned to play a role in your story as you are assigned to play one in someone else’s. I often say that the people we come across can be one of the four kinds. They can be like pebbles, fountains, quagmire or a bridge. Pebbles are those who you meet commonly and in abundance. They do not facilitate anything great but they help you continue walking on this journey of life. Everyone you cross in life without really connecting with them are pebbles. Then there are fountains – who spring water of happiness on you. They bring positivity and joy; they nourish your soul and irrigate the seeds of good thoughts. Your friends, well-wishers are all fountains. Then, on the other end of the spectrum, you have quagmires. These are the people who cause you pain. Now, even some pebbles may have caused you pain as it happens if you tread on a barbed pebble but the difference is that quagmires do that on purpose. They pull you down, induce fear and negativity by discouraging you and worrying you. They will not let you move on – that’s why they keep you bogged down in your failures. Finally, the rarest ones are the bridges – they connect you to unchartered grounds that you wouldn’t have reached on your own. They unite you to your destiny. With them, your plane of consciousness expands, you see things you have not seen before; your life becomes more aware, more enlightened. Your parents, your teachers and anyone who touches your life and transcends it into something more beautiful – they are all bridges.Nistha Tripathi, Seven Conversations

And, this picture makes me think of all the wonderful and tough times when my parents have been there for me. This is for them. Happy Valentines Day.

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5 thoughts on “Tretar 3, The People That Define Us”

  1. ” Conversation of light” is an extra ordinary chapter and so is the entire book. Looking forward to your book being published and appreciated in 2014.
    Happy Valentines Day.
    May Sai bless you.

  2. Interesting read. Do you think that some of the “quagmires” in our lives are well-intentioned? They want best for us so they are unafraid to express their “concerns” and “doubts”. They feel it’s their duty to keep us on the right track. Problem is, they themselves don’t know that in turn they are sowing the seeds of doubt and failure in our minds. They are not well equipped to handle adversities nor do know the power of positivism ( or spoken words). They’ve taken care of us and they are there in all phases of “pains” and “despair”.

    What’s your take on dealing with such personalities? How do we filter the negative stuff yet keep our ears open to “the pearls of wisdom” that come thru’ every now and then?

    Keep us updated about the book release.

  3. Love the post..and looking forward to the book..

    P.S – Please acknowledge Benjamin Franklin for the quote at the end of post 🙂

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