Tretar 6, Fighting for the Basket

[This post is the sixth in an ongoing series for Project Tretar. You can read previous posts here]

Dear 31 years old N,
This is your 60 years old self and I wanted to tell you 2014 was very special and that you should enjoy it more. Good things are going to unfold around you, you just need more faith to hold on to. You just need to believe in it. People could kill for the kind of friends you have, don’t let them go. Ever. Jobs would come and go and probably even some opportunities – do not lose the value of your people. Don’t drop your Yoga. I would be feeling so much better if you continued sparing that one hour in your day even if it meant getting some projects a little delayed. Do sleep well. I know you have trouble sleeping but it will get better if you can learn to leave things to fate sometimes – it helps.

Oh, and don’t bother about facebook! In few years, you would realize that nothing is what it seems on facebook. Don’t pretend to be anything there, enjoy your identity and circumstances – live for them and not for what you can say on facebook. Once people start taking it for granted, the charm would go away.

Continue having that fighting spirit of yours. Just when things would look impossible, a small door would open up. Never give up. I know you won’t because I am a happy person at 60 and that wouldn’t happen if you didn’t know what is important and what’s not. Enjoy 2014, it may perhaps change the course of your life.

Dear 31 years old N,
I am your departed soul, sitting across from Him right now. You know Him right? You used to talk about Him in your book. He is conducting an auction right now, giving away things. Various people are bidding on behalf of their younger selves. I am sitting quietly at the end, just trying to see what goes on and if I can find you a bargain.

First, he auctioned off success but there was some confusion about its content, so He clarified – ‘monetary and material success which entails getting more physical pleasures than you expected’. Bids went crazily high and the winner paid her close friends and family for it. The commotion had barely subsided when next item was unveiled. It was ‘fame’ this time and the winner bade a portion of their life and meaningful relationships for it.

[Hours later] You know its been long and I have not been able to procure anything for you so far. I just don’t think I want to pay those prices. Oh wait, here is something. Let me jump for this.

[Minutes later] You know what it was? First, let me tell you what I bade. I gave a small portion of your success, wealth and fame but I am happy with the item. Its beautiful and delicate. Oh, I cannot even imagine what wonderful things you would do with it. It’s a picnic basket and in the bargain, I got Him to throw a small boat and kid’s beach bucket in as well. I am amazed that no one wanted to bid for it. I know you would fill it with homemade sandwiches and oranges one day. Then take it to a beach and spread a red checkered sheet out. Sit with your loved one and watch the sunset. He was smiling when I took it. And if I am not wrong, I think He winked too.


Things which matter most must never be at the mercy of things which matter least.Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

5 thoughts on “Tretar 6, Fighting for the Basket”

  1. Brilliant. Outstanding. One of your best . I am short on words . Amazing concept , very well written . You were bound to go places and you are going at jet speed.
    This is what i would like to call a “Quantum Leap” .
    May Sai bless you.

  2. Beautifully written .. Looks like adressed to everyone . . I loved the facebook bit and picnic basket is always the best thing to choose 🙂

  3. This is the one that touched the most! How true n deep….how how true! You are indeed an influencing writer 🙂 All the best!


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