Tretar 7, the Gift of Darkness

[This post is the seventh in an ongoing series for Project Tretar. You can read previous posts here]

The chains of lead, the shadows of doom
Hollow sighs and endless gloom

Where the ghosts of loneliness sing
Where the road to hell begins

I stood there held in grip of destiny
My whole life crumbling before me

The lamp of my life was gone
In the hands of fate, I was a pawn

Smelling of death and bathed in coal
Darkness ready to prey upon my soul

Do you fight or plead it to go?
Or do you watch it helplessly so?

If I closed my eyes and surrendered
In a jiffy it would take me under

I defied and waited to see the end
My body withering and my spirit burn

The night hissed, bawled and roared
It scared me till it could no more

It bit me but could not reach my soul
In the end, it just let me go


Tretar7 - the gift of darkness

Someone I loved once gave me a box full of darkness. It took me years to understand that this too, was a gift.
Mary Oliver

One of my close friends received a heartbreaking news recently. But I admire how my friend has coped up with it. This post, although talking of darkness, has that hidden light inside. Darkness doesn’t mean that there won’t be light anymore, it simply means that you’ll have to endure a little longer. This time might teach you something. So next time, life gives you the gift of darkness, look into its eyes and accept it. Turn it into a star.

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