Why I fight for my venture?

For me, there was never a choice. It has to be a job that I will create for myself. Thinking this, I had come back from US, leaving a desirable lifestyle. My first venture was a misfit – for both market and me. I realized this eventually (thanks to Sameer from Morpheus for always helping me see things more simplistically) but learned a lot of things from it – including how to code in Python/Django.

In between, I finished my book, found a publisher for it and started working with a co-founder on another project. I discovered my bent towards education industry and this project became closer to my heart (something I missed in my earlier fashion venture since fashion doesn’t come to me naturally). We formally joined Morpheus as well which was an exciting step for me since I strongly believe in their philosophy. I was sold when Sameer told me that he measures the success of a startup by its founders’ happiness. Just at the time we were going full throttle about our project, my partner received some bad news that put us on a hold. It was a killer and I was back staring into uncertainties. Just when everything was falling in place, it fell out. I am a mentally tough person but it shook me. I distinctly remember those 3-4 days when everything we had worked on seemed to be going down the drain.

Uncertainties are a part of startup life but knowing that doesn’t make it any easier especially when you have a long road ahead. During this while, I have seen my partner facing the hard time gracefully. I believe that home is not the place, its people. Similarly, work is also not a thing, its the team. Our journey might have started with a hiccup but this is the time when we will determine how to take it from here. Hurdles might not be in our control but to jump over them is.

So, anyways, this is how Quizzlr was born 🙂 Please check it out and your feedbacks are welcome. The actual product demo is available only upon request for now.


We have lot of great visions for it. The only way to defeat every obstacle that has hindered us is to keep getting more motivated and taking this where it deserves to be. I want to see this successful more than anything else because my partner deserves it for his work and fighting spirit.

P.S. And meanwhile I also got to welcome my newborn nephew. It was looking in his eyes that made me realize that some things end and some things begin. Look for the beginnings, look for life. God bless him.

3 thoughts on “Why I fight for my venture?”

  1. Tundi-e baad-e-mukhalif se na ghabra aye uqaab
    Yeh tou chalti hai tujhay ooncha urdanay key liye

    Good luck

  2. Maybe a person fight for a venture because S/He is a ‘traveler’ and want to say to self yes, I am on a journey and crossed many milestones via a path that was easy as well as difficult and will continue journey for more upcoming milestones.

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