Tretar 10, the Curse of Choice

[This post is the tenth in an ongoing series for Project Tretar. You can read previous posts here]


Have you ever found yourself in a critical dilemma where the life choices were tearing you apart? Such times define life. What you do in the heat of those moments define you. Strip out the superfluous and what remains is the truth. Trim away the unnecessary complications we weave around ourselves – people’s opinion, wealth, luxury, religion and norms – and your true priority will reveal itself.

Whenever I have wanted something badly, I eliminate all the alternate choices.

Do you care for something so much that you are willing to opt for a difficult, and perhaps impossible, path? But, what is impossible? It is the spot at the other end of the leap of faith. Once, I did choose to make that leap. And, I was not disappointed. This is the picture of that leap. It is the first Bungy spot of the world – Kawarau Bridge, NZ. When you are at that platform and the fear strikes you, you think of what matters to you most. And, if you survive the jump, you tell yourself that you would go for the impossible.

I would like to share these lines from Seven Conversations.

When we are pushed to the edge and left with no choice, we usually find our answers on our own. It’s impossible to find them externally anyway but we often don’t have the courage to look inside. Normally, people are scared to spend time with themselves because they are afraid to scratch the surface. If they start introspecting – who knows what unresolved issues may lie within? It takes more courage to look within than outside. Yes, when we are on the edge, the answers come.Nistha Tripathi, Seven Conversations

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