What did I learn from writing Tretar series?


You might remember how Tretar project started in a moment of whim. A year has gone by and I was thinking working on it has helped me become, perhaps, a better person. This is what I learned from it:

Commitment. (To know that without commitment, promises and hopes will never see the daylight)
I won’t lie that there were times when I felt like taking a short cut or skip a Tretar entry. After all, I had made the promise to write a new entry every fortnight. It was the beginning of the year and I was drunk on the promise of a new year, a change in destiny and how 2014 would be nothing but smiles. I did not think that time flies and 24 ‘make-you-feel-sublime’ posts is no joke. 24 photographs not either. I struggled to write mid-way and was tempted to cheat. That is what we do when we are happy, we make promises. But I wondered how I can cheat myself? I would skip an entry and no one would notice but I would. So, I did not give myself any option to break my commitment. And, I think that is what life is about. I have had stroke of inspirations at times (I love my entry ‘girl with a tattered jeans’ which I think is one of the best I have written) and I have had lows – but what matters to me is that I showed up and wrote whenever I had to. No matter where I was or how I was, I wrote on every 1st and every 15th. This series was a relationship with my blog and I could not let it down. If we take our commitments seriously, end results are bound to be something you can be proud of.

Patience. (To understand that Rome was not built in a day)
In an age of instant gratification, it is tempting to post short stuff on Facebook more frequently than writing longer articles or blogging. But with the success of my book and satisfaction of finishing Tretar series, I can say that beautiful things take time and patience. Longer efforts tend to produce rarer and more beautiful results which are worth the wait.

Act. (To realize that showing up is more important than perfection)
Previously, I would start writing posts but many would never get out of ‘drafts’ folder. This is because I tried to keep perfecting them and they would never match the standard I sought. With Tretar, I had deadlines and I realized that writing them on time mattered more than writing them perfectly. I would not have 24 posts if I did not have a reason to act. This is what one should follow in life and work too. Perfection is an outcome of persistence and showing up.

Fun. (If you have to do something, make it enjoyable)
I wrote every piece because it made me happy, I wrote what I wanted and how I wanted. This is the most liberating thing in the world – to do something for your own happiness without getting trapped in the scale of popularity and likes. Better yet, do things at your whim, for no rhyme or reason. Enjoy the spontaneity and novelty of such experiences.

So that was an exacting, and hence, rewarding journey of Tretar. Here are the 24 posts all in one place. Which one is your favorite?

Tretar 1, Why we look at sky
We are made of stars
Tretar 2, Back to fairy tales
Someday we come back to loving the fairy tales
Tretar 3, The People That Define Us
Four kinds of people that surround us
Tretar 4, Living the Journey
To know that the journey is the real destination
Tretar 5, the Song of the Quiet
Being comfortable with your introvert self
Tretar 6, Fighting for the Basket
Setting your priorities straight in a dialogue with your future grown up self
Tretar 7, the Gift of Darkness
Turning darkness to a gift
Tretar 8, the Wings of Faith
Technique might not make you fly but believing might
Tretar 9, Disturbing the Universe
Have the courage to defy what universe has in store for you
Tretar 10, the Curse of Choice
When you want something badly, eliminate the alternate choices
Tretar 11, Eternal Sunshine of a Worriless Mind
The priceless realization that things that make us happy have no correlation with prices
Tretar 12, I came from the Wilderness
The splendor of the wild and how we are like those animals
Tretar 13, Spirit doesn’t Retire
Because we are eternal
Tretar 14, Empathize
Because everyone has gone through a turmoil and we are better off understanding than judging
Tretar 15, a Journey on Rails
A glimpse of magical world of railway stations
Tretar 16, the Girl with the Tattered Jeans
Because things we love most can wear out and that does not mean we should stop loving them
Tretar 17, Stay True to Yourself
Don’t live someone else’s life
Tretar 18, Making Choices
An eternal tug of war between ‘should’ and ‘must’.
Tretar 19, Colors of Life
We live to experience passion, love and miracles of nature
Tretar 20, Embracing the Change
Every beautiful transformation begins from a painful change
Tretar 21, Revealing your Truth
Knowing your purpose
Tretar 22, Reasons of the Heart
Because your journey is your unique path and it doesn’t have to make sense to anyone else
Tretar 23, Today is my Favorite Day
Enjoy today, because it is happening
Tretar 24, You are the Universe
Stop acting small, you are the Universe in ecstatic motion

5 thoughts on “What did I learn from writing Tretar series?”

  1. “I would skip an entry and no one would notice…” – please (**with a mama accent**)!!! Many would have 😉

    What’s in-store for 2015??

  2. Hello Nishtha, I read your book, “Seven Conversation” and I really liked it. Your writing skill is really awesome.
    Kep writing… 🙂

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