TMJ 1: From chaos we begin

This is the first post in The Meditation Journal series.

Imagine a big musical drum and you are asked to make a beautiful rangoli on it i.e. on the flat stretched surface of the drum. Seems simple, right? You take the color powder in one hand and with a chutki, pick some of it. Just as you begin drawing on the stretched drum surface, someone comes and start beating the drum or rather playing it. What happens? The color powder that you are drawing with on the surface is all messed up, mixed and even thrown out. You can try all your patience but as long as the drum is being played and hit, you cannot draw your rangoli the way you wanted despite how hard you try.

This drum is your mind and your rangoli is nothing but your ability to focus, meditate or find your consciousness. The sticks are the worldly concerns (How am I going to earn more? How do I take care of my children? Should I move to another place?) and illusions that keep beating on our mind, never letting it rest for a moment. So, unless we learn to curb or control the sticks, we will never be able to draw the power of consciousness amidst the chaos that is created in our mind. The world out there is playing a cacophonous rock and roll and your mind is itching to join in on the concert. Amidst all this, you are trying to focus and weed out the illusions and understand life. This can only work when you know how to stop being a drum and how to not let the useless worries play a stick to that drum.

Is it easy? Heck, no. Can it be done? Yes. Should it be done? It is the only rescue.


This is how I have come to understand the chaos of mind. This is the blurry landscape from where the exploration begins in search of a symphony of light.

It brings me to the topic of Meditation and ‘why is it needed?’. Why is it so important to curb this chaos? We will get to it in the next post. For now, just let the most important journey of your life begin.

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  1. TMJ has begun on a good note . As they say ” well begun is half done ” . Looking forward to TMJ 2. Aaho.

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