Bali Diary 1: Initial Hiccups

SwastiastuEngken kabare?
[Hello, how are you? from Bali!]

I find myself opening the Eat Pray Love and I move directly to the Bali part. As soon as I read how Elizabeth Gilbert landed in Ubud for 30 days, I smile. Because this is where I have arrived. And weirdly enough, there are so many overlaps with Gilbert’s story and mine that I feel like chasing Gilbert on her trip to destiny. I do realize that it is nothing to be chased but that I have to attract my own destiny. Yet, I am a fan of Gilbert and her lovely essays and talks. Not so much of Eat Pray Love but that’s okay. May be the book is mocking at me right now.

Anyway, I landed in Bali in a pretty hollowed out state. I had a lot to figure out and make the most of my time on an alien land. Going out of India after a hiatus of 4 years, I confess I felt a bit vulnerable and lonely. But it was a solo trip after all and I wanted to face whatever demons were lurking inside. However, to keep a balance, I had joined the Tribewanted group, which is a community of remotely working entrepreneurs in Ubud. I felt it would give me a community feeling and a social in as soon as I arrived. My stay was already figured out through AirBnB. So, all I had to do was show up.

My bedroom in Ubud
My bedroom in Ubud

The hardest part of solo trips are when your mind tends to brood over and remembers the happy past moments which are gone. I found myself brooding whenever I woke up or was alone in the room. It becomes difficult to come out of these, so one has to really try and keep a watch on any negative thoughts. This is the time when your friend circle matters. Staying in touch with family and friends helped me stay calm. Because ultimately you are in a beautiful place and new moments are out there waiting for you. This is where it turned a blessing that I had joined Hubud, the co-working space, and the Tribewanted community.

Hubud has an awesome vibe and is located overlooking the beautiful paddy fields. It is well designed and makes you want to be happy. I decided to spend most of my time there and make friends. This step is crucial in not letting your solo trip get too solo if you know what I mean. You enjoy your solitude when you are feeling peaceful from within. But loneliness is not fun. So, give yourself time to be able to transition from feeling lonely to enjoying the solitude.

It has been only 3 days in Ubud so far and seems much longer. Bali is beautiful and cheap. My homestay and room is very pretty. As I am settling in and starting to feel comfortable, I am hoping to really dig in and get a flavor of ton of things that Bali has to offer. Stay tuned for more updates. Send me your love and blessings 🙂

Breakfast place view
Breakfast place view

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