Bali Diary 2: Surprising Myself

After the melancholy of first few days, I wanted to break the pattern. You might ask what’s the pattern. Well, pattern is a behavior we typically indulge in without realizing that we are. We stick to few colors, have a belief of what we can and cannot do and so on. I was going to force myself to go out and try out new adventures, something I normally would never do. This chaos to my pattern, I felt, would confuse my system and help me get out of the melancholy. So, in my first meeting with Tribewanted coordinator Colleen, I told her I want to do something over the weekend and not just work. She suggested I tag along with her to the ecstatic dance party at a private villa just outside Ubud. I was like what’s that? She told me it’s a form of dance where you just dance whatever you feel like and not care who is watching. The DJ is different from clubs and people just enjoy themselves. And there is no alcohol. So, it doesn’t turn into a drunken revelry. Now, that’s something to break my pattern I thought! I have two left feet and I have never heard of ecstatic dancing before. So, I told her I’m in!

It was Friday night and Hubudians were going for the social hour at No Mas. I had met Jim, a fellow MBA from USA (Kellogg) who (surprise surprise) was himself trying to finish a book. We decided to go to the social hour where the only vegetarian dish I found was bean tacos. The terrace bar was full of Hubudians and I bumped into some Dutch folks. I could feel like a community building already.

Biking in Bali
Biking in Bali

Next day, first thing was to rent a bike so that I feel independent to go whenever and wherever I want. Got a cute Vespa looking two wheeler called Scoopy! Renting a bike is an essential Balinese experience and while everyone knows that you are not allowed to drive without an international driving license, everyone does keep driving without an international license. I negotiated to get a rental for 600,000 IDR for 25 days which seemed pretty reasonable. The petrol is dirt cheap – 6000 IDR for a Litre i.e. Rs 31!

View from Bridges, Ubud

Later on Saturday, I met Colleen, Ash, Elliott and Nynke and we caught up on chilled drinks in a restaurant called Bridges which is situated gorgeously over the river. The jungle hung right in front of our seats. Afterwards, we headed to this exotic villa in Kaliki in a cab for our ecstatic dance night. I must say I envy the owner of that villa – it was like a mansion in between the rice fields designed in a manner I have only seen on travel channel and movies. There were open air pools, jacuzzis, marble staircases leading to cute terraces and what not.

Villa Party at Keliki
Villa Party at Keliki

The music was trance and night starry. Between 7-9 pm, we danced, dipped our feet in the pool, roamed around and let the music soak in. It is totally not my kind of thing and yet I ended up relaxing and enjoying it. We grabbed a quick dinner at Kafe Ubud and called it a night. We talked about Brexit (since most of my fellow members are Brits), my tattoo, how people perceive these parties, what does law of attraction mean etc etc. And again, I usually am the reserved one on the table but I decided to talk more. To my surprise, I enjoyed that too!


For the first time, I felt good on a morning. Hello Sunday! Combined with the jet lag effect and the fact that I am a late sleeper even in India, my sleep cycle has been messed up. I feel lethargic till the afternoon here and my day usually didn’t start before 2pm. I grabbed a timely breakfast on Sunday, caught a little nap and decided to work rest of the day. So, I headed to Hubud. Jim and I had decided to do a writeathon to kick that resistance within us that was making us stuck. We started 50 min timer and just started writing. I removed the dust from Ruby Chappals, caught up on an unfinished chapter and the keyboard started clicking. First spurt of 50 min went well, we took a break of 15 min. I brewed some coffee and sat down for next 50 min sprint. I did write around 2000 words in total which is great given how badly I have been stuck on finishing this book. After a productive chat with Jim on some other ideas, I felt like treating myself for a nice dinner which I grabbed at Cafe Wayan and Bakery. It was lovely and I thoroughly enjoyed the asian seating in garden. I have been trying to try out as many new dishes I can and avoid Indian food. Let’s see how long does that last! Finally, I am retiring to bed now on a happy note. I know the lows and melancholy will come again, but I am hoping to keep them as much at bay as possible. As always, do send me your good thoughts.

Tribewanted Gang
Tribewanted Gang

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  1. gosh…what does it take to venture out into the world alone?! i immensely admire people who can do that…i myself, am petrified of the thought of being alone…but from your blogs and from what i’ve heard from friends , it’s empowering no?
    …any yet , although i don’t step out of my comfort zone, i’m still deeply lonely…and i wish wish wish i had the courage tp do this kind of thing…it’s like some very deep seated urge is yearning for it, but it’s terribly repressed!

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