Bali Diary 3: Local Rituals

Are we not always on a journey? It can be external too, but internal it always is. Where it leads is something time will tell.

I started this past week by reinforcing my love for my work. A business that I have nurtured from nothing to a respectable size. A book that is a part of my creative instincts. Monday morning, the Tribewanted group met and we set our focus goals for the week. I like this kind of accountability exercise in which we set out what we intend to do and then share our progress after a week. It makes you feel accountable towards your goals. Better for people with no bosses or deadlines. On Tuesday morning, we did an hour of power in which we decided one goal for that hour and did it right there. It was quite productive and we ended up by celebrating with a little dance and shout outs on the Happy song. Colleen, our coordinator is quite fun that ways. In between, I kept doing my writeathons too. And we had this great skillshare session by a British woman who runs the highly successful blog on Russian Art and Culture, which I totally loved!

Skillshare at Hubud
Skillshare at Hubud

Being productive is always such a nice feeling and I am happy the way Hubud’s environment has helped me break some lulls in my work. And I made more friends, enjoying good dinners around. It is fun seeing so many people working on sales funnels, online courses etc. I am sure I can pick some intelligence from them.

Thursday, I heard that a group is going to the water temple and I decided to join them! I even convinced Jay to join us since it was his last day before he headed back to Australia. However, after meeting the group next morning, we discovered that it is not any temple but we are going to meet a water priestess. What?? Ok, so I was confounded. But as I have decided to accept new adventures on my way, I thought why not! (Poor Jay but I thought he was okay with it in the end too). Ok, so off we went in a cab. First stop was to buy a sarong since you need to cover up before meeting a priestess. Then, we reached the priestess’s place which was a typical Balinese compound with a temple and some humble looking houses.

We did not have much clue what to expect and had only heard vague experiences from a friend. It is a form of therapy with water. Let me give you a little background, Balinese people are mostly Hindu and are big on ceremonies and rituals. But nothing like what we do in India. The language, idols and traditions are different. I had never heard of water healing, apparently there are other forms of healing too such as sound healing etc. We made our offerings and waited a long while before she came out. Then she told us that she will be praying on top of a platform and we can all meditate in the verandah below it. It was while meditating here that I realized how I have ended up here without any plans. May be this is where I belong at this moment.

After 30-45 mins of praying, she told us that the therapy will begin. We were made to stand below her seat and then the holy water pouring started. Mind you, it is not sprinkling, it is literally drowning you in pails of water. Being a non-swimmer, I was left gasping for breath. So, she chants and then drowns you in loops. She also says that you should let go of all your inner feelings, make noises or stamp your feet if you feel like. The idea is to cleanse one out of all their emotional residues. Now, it could have been a great thing for me if effective but I was more focused on catching my breaths than really thinking about any other emotions. I like the idea though, it can be a good thing to let it flow out and believe that you have released the unwanted negativities.

Melukat – Water purification

I wish we were told more context in the beginning. Later, I found out that it is called Melukat and can be used to ‘release what does not serve you anymore’. Colleen told me that she loves doing it sometimes. She also told me that the priestess we went to is the youngest priestess in Bali, Ida Resi Alit – 28 years old. She went unconscious once and upon coming back, she could recite mantras she never knew before and was more knowledgeable than senior priests (see more here).

Weekend was fun, more on it in next post. Stay tuned, send your love 🙂

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