We know what we are, but know not what we may be.William Shakespeare. Hamlet, Act IV, Sc. V


About Me

It all started with a need to be happy. Expressing myself through words and visuals made me happier, thus this blog was born in 2006. Since then, it has been a refuge for my discontentment, excitement, moodiness and many such emotions. It has been a silent witness of my journey through academia, corporate befuddlement, business schools, married life, startup life, an aspiring writer’s author’s life and many more phases to come. This blog defines me as much as I define it. I guide students on Scholar Strategy. I write a lot on Quora as well.

I am a software engineer who had moved to USA to pursue MS in Computer System from University of Illinois, Urbana Champaign. After graduation, I ended up joining a big bank on Wall Street as a programmer. One day, I stood up in my cubicle there – I was frustrated at why anything I was doing (and that came from the traditional wisdom) was not giving me satisfaction. I wanted to be a creator. Few years later after a brief but eventful time at NYU Stern School of Business where I was pursuing fulltime MBA in Entrepreneurship and Finance (from which I eventually dropped out to join a fun startup called Yipit), I moved back to India to start my own venture and promote entrepreneurship among youths. This is what I do now – experiment with my ideas, create softwares, write a book, write on many blogs and do anything that makes me happy. I went against the traditional wisdom this time and somehow it has worked out better for me.

Some of my notable and useful experiences in Business Schools included learning accounting, financial modeling, writing business plans, organizing Stern’s first Entrepreneurship Conference, interning at a four people fintech startup, Fundspire and a venture capital firm, Veronis Ventures and providing consultations to couple of startups as part of InSITE fellowship program.

About This Blog and Design

On this page, I play the part of a raconteur trying to put whats happening around in perspective. The new focus of this blog is on transcribing my experiences of pursuing creative and entrepreneurial career, aspiring to be a published author, living down the Business School and aftermath of it all.

I have designed this blog personally using the graphics from Jane Mount’s Idealbookshelf, AmazeedVeeHudgens and other resources on DeviantArt and other sites. If you find I am using your artwork without permission, I apologize, please message me and I’ll do the needful.

Finally, I write for fun and I hope you have fun reading it. Here are some of my published articles.

Nistha Tripathi

For comments, critiques, guest post queries, please contact me at n i s t h a.t r i p a t h i @gmail.com

9 thoughts on “About”

  1. Hi Nishtha,
    Love to read yours blog and about yours ideas. “Trades want to become consultant and consultant want o become trader” – so true ( me being consultant in JP Morgan,Sinagpore) 🙂
    Would love to hear from you on Investment Banking views from you.

    Manish Pandey
    Consultant, Fixed Income
    JP Morgan Chase Singapore

  2. Hi Nishita,

    Plan to start my venture “Someday” , sounds too distant. Hope you have already done.

  3. Hello Nistha,

    I like your story. You may feel you are an outlier when in fact you are only courageous for following your heart. My work (book and research) gravitates in great deal around the fact that happiness and success lies in doing just that, no matter what others say or believe.

    BTW, I’m a photographer as well. We’re sort of kindred in the paths we chose for ourselves. Mind you, it gets a bit lonely at times, as most people around you may tend to conform and may feel uncomfortable in considering/discussing the choices we make in life. At times, they may even express resentment. Never let it give you pause, as deep inside they are envious of the nature of the faith we cultivate inside; faith in ourselves: our goals, our potential, our hearts, our beliefs and our actions.

    Have a wonderful life. I have a feeling that your name will come up again… and that will be marvelous.

  4. Sometimes it just makes so much sense, to stop and absorb everything around and breathe in the moment just for the sake of it. Every shade of life and not -so -live has a beautiful resonance to our existence and time as we perceive it. Reading your blog is like reading the ALCHEMIST by P.Coelho. Keep the creative juices flowing.

  5. Hi Nistha,

    Love to Read your Blog…I write ghazals and i like to have my friends who are someway or the other attached to it.

    I also want to make this world a better place through my creativity…

  6. Hi Nistha,

    I find your story very interesting and inspiring. I am Mohak Bhambry from India and I am 23 years old. I am working to build my own Startup here, where we are providing human Machine interactions in more propound sense. I feel your story to be touching and very much resonating with my own.
    I myself is a writer, poet and lyricist too. With my shear love and passion to do things which makes me happy, has given me opportunity to do certain unconventional work.
    I recollect from my memory lane that, when I was a 10th grader, I had an existential crises and thus, I went to travel in certain exile oriented places. I lived in Mathas and Ashramas with Sadhus. I was living a life of tramp for almost 3-4 months in foothills of Himalayas. I was trying to search myself and that experience did change my life for better. Today, I am happy and confined with what I do and I am on it with full endurance.
    I will recollect my thoughts and will write about it in a book soon.
    Thank you for sharing your story and moreover, breaking the conventional. I wish you all the best and may you keep going the way your are.

    To conclude with, I will add my own couplets here –

    “Ye ho to fir sabke liye ho, ye zimmedari hamari hai
    bas isi ek baat ko lekar duniya se jang jaari hai.

    Main Katra hokey bhi tufaan se jung leta hun,
    mujhe bachaana samandar ki zimmedari hai.

    Dua ye karo ki salaamat reh jaye himmat meri,
    ye ek charaag ke kayi aandhiyon pe bhaari hai.”

    English Translations –
    “If this is there, then it has to be for everybody
    for that reason only the battle against the world is in full swing.

    I being a small entity battle against the mad cyclone,
    it is the responsibility of ocean to save me.

    And please pray that, I have my will power intact!
    Since, this one lamp is overpowering every storm”


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