arts in cyber era

I am a software engineer by profession, I love the geek stuff, I like high resolution cameras and the sleek macs. For me, Steve Jobs and Linus Torvalds are the greatest people alive.
But at heart, I feel an excitement and soft corner for the hand-painted crafts, wooden artifacts, black and white small photographs. I just feel hands were made to draw and not click the keyboard…the ears are made to listen to the raw records and not the digitally modified hi-fi sounds. But at the same time, I know that there is a harmony between the yearning artist and the magical techies. If it was not for geniuses like Ustad Zakir Hussain, A R Rahman, Steven Spielberg, too much technology would have engulfed the creative and artistic regime long back. There are still fools who think that high technique can cover up the bad story in a movie or ugly lyrics in a song or crappy OS on a windows PC!
I believe every person has an artist in him, whatever the form be. I have not seen any person with no eye for any beauty. Steve Jobs took a calligraphy class in his school and he owes the beautiful mac fonts to them. This is to say that imagination and creativity has taken its own share from the technology growth in a significant and wise manner. Also, it wouldn’t be wrong to say that one who couldn’t befriend the technology couldn’t flourish as well. Art is the mother of all studies and technology complements it in some aspects. For me, I like to see them develop hand-in-hand without engulfing each other. I still love the naturally photographed wallpapers better than the digitally created once (mostly that is). However, from other perspective I can say that technology is always going to be dependent on arts. You will always develop technologies that can enhance arts that people like and practice. Enhanced digital cameras are developed because people like photography, noise cancelling headphones are a hit because people love music!
I would just pray to God to always keep the artistic instincts of man above his zest for technology, and help him maintain this fine balance of natural and artifical.


I see the cute and plump squirrels, a variety probably found in Americas only, each day as I walk to my labs. In contrast I remember the thinner and more prominently lined squirrels back home in India. Somehow, just seeing these furry rodents every morning makes my day. They seem to be in hurry always, quickly nibbling on their food as if it was the last piece left in the world. I find all their activities including digging and hiding their food so very amusing. Sometimes you just wonder what do they think, are they also worried about life like humans..probably they are coz they store food for future. They are just so cute!

I remember the snowy days, when they were all hiding somewhere and I wouldn’t find them on my routes…and I wonder whether this fact made me gloomier than the cold snow lying around. They seem to symbolise the liveliness and happiness. God is indeed the finest creator and you can see it in everything around you. You might not be noticing the rustling of trees or chirping of birds or whistling of the wind, but you would notice it the day it is gone. This is why they say that cherish a thing while its still around and I can’t agree more.


I was happy, I did not care
every little happiness I used to share
every friend was a precious one and thats all I knew

I trusted them, I was glad to listen
They shared joys and sorrows often
every friend was a precious one and thats all I knew

Things got tangled and I was confused
The ironies of the situations got me amused
every friend was a precious one and thats all I knew

I was afraid to tread on their happiness
But who am I to decide and guess
every friend was a precious one and thats all I knew

I waited for the right time, which wasnt going to come
They started questioning me and I became numb
every friend was a precious one and thats all I knew

They didn’t care to listen to my story anymore
Things were crumbling and relations left sore
who is a friend and who isnt, I do not have anymore clue

Every good had been forgotten and dismissed
I gave up wondering was it worth being pissed
every friend was precious but no more is it true

I have recovered and regained my love for life
I want to live fully while I am alive
now I know every person has, but no more than, some value ..
Have faith in good things in life, give them their due ..
I care now not by blind faith but because I have reasons to ..
Friend, you are precious but know my value too.

Why does one blog??

Is it a fashion statement? Or is it just to show you are cool? Lets see..

You think you are intelligent, so how do you show your ‘talent‘ to others…hmm….bragging is of course no good and you know what darned consequences can come up, so its very risky. You can try writing articles in newspaper and believe me if you are able to get them published, you should be a good writer but since here we are talking bout mediocre-writer but supposedly ‘self-esteemed’ mob, all of them are not going to make it that far. So this group of people find new vents to let out their ‘I am good’ fumes.
Long back, poeple used to write diaries, chronicles, journals and what not. Thankfully, the stuff was personal and not many were tortured by asked to read those. But then, this did not help the creative writers – they didn’t want to
hide their talent. So, this form though popular was restricted to shy-writers only.

Few years back, the not-so-shy writers started emailing weird stuff to their friends, emails like ‘Have you ever thought…’, ‘Why God exists’, ‘Is India going in right direction’, ‘the power of youth; are we delivering’, ‘shame on govt…’ blah blah or even self-written poems at times(yes yes poem only, rhyme or no rhyme, who cares right??). Poor friends who are forced to read them sometime and then even tell their author-friend, “wow, that was good”! well, that trend was continuing slowly and steadily until John Barger came up with the term ‘weblog’ in 1997 and then finally Mr. Peter Merholz coined the short-form ‘blog’. The website Xanga started with it officially for the first time and since then my dear reader, the bloggers haven’t stopped!
Now they had the perfect tool to scribble their weirdest and dumbest of ideas, opinions and everything and proudly call it BLOG. Websites like Blogger took it to a new height and added features like ’email alerts to friends’. I hope you are already familiar with it though I haven’t yet enabled it with your id 🙂

So, I guess this was one aspect of how and why blogging started. Another view might be more ‘psychological’. Lets see… 🙂

One doesn’t talk too much but ideas are piling up high in his/her small mind…so what to do? He’s not very comfortable discussing them verbally with friends or strangers or whoever, so he decides to blog them out. It starts with almost nil passion, he posts one blog then forgets to even check it back, sometime even forgets the login to the blog-site and eventually throws the idea out. Then thanks to the email alerts or his enthusiastic friends who keep sending their bloggin links again n again. So this guy gets all geared-up…’why can’t I do it’, ‘yes, I will’, ‘I can torture too’ and there goes one more restless, pestering writer added to the bloggers!

well, this story is sounding too familiar to me, I shall end now 🙂