Microsoft Office, Seattle, Bldg 44

I have an hour and half to wait for my first interview at MS. After last night of darkness and rains when I hardly get to see anything around, I am finally looking out into the beauty of Seattle for first time in daylight. I saw those conical (seemingly evergreen) trees in green and yellow spread all over the ups and downs. Half the leaves falling, its like a carpet covering the earth. The weather is always ‘just about to rain’ and is seriously romantic I should say. Alas, I am sitting dressed in business casuals in this office lobby. I sit facing the glass walls purposely to view the pretty sight outside. Just now, I noticed the glass ceiling as well….hmm, pretty impressive!

I am jotting this blog at back of the ‘micronews’ given to me earlier in the morning along with the interview catalogue, it seems like the daily circulation at MS offices.

For some weird reason I am seeing lot of desis coming for the interview :). My campus interviewer was just passing and recognised me! I chatted with him for sometime before he left saying ‘excellent’ at least a 100 times. I am now seeing a ‘ese’ coming in for a change! This reminds me of a funny full-form of UIUC – Univ of Indians n Univ of Chinese. We were once joking that China has managed to control its population by dispersing the eses all around the globe. Thus, you be at any non-ese country, your chance of spotting an ese should be nearly constant…amazing probability consistency! I guess India too got a lot inspired by this chinese solution, the govt. is literally doing anything it can to motivate the talent to move abroad – Hail Indian Govt!

Khair back to the MS offices, a good thing about them is their spread out distribution. Probably none of the building is more than 3-4 floors. Theres lot of greenery around. The trees outside are dancing out to a slow wind as the leaves continue to enrich the ground carpet. I should probably research a bit on why does it rain so much here though thankfully its not raining right now. But glass shows the signs of a passing drizzle.

I am desperately trying to get into the interview mood and this blog isn’t really helping me 🙂 Besides I am almost out of paper space now, so here I shall end…


In Flight experience

Flight ORD – SEA-TAC

I have never seen such a beautiful sky before. Blending from orange to blue upwards, nature was displaying one of its most charismatic moment. Already flying from Chambana to Chicago earlier in the day, my only regret of living in Champaign is the bad flying experiences every now and then, thanks to the busy O Hare airport. God, why cant they build another big airport in Chicago or what the heck is MDW being used for! You must be having an awfully lucky day if you can get out the busy ORD without a frustrating delay.
Anyways, I have got used to it now and currently just enjoying the magnificent sight nature is flaunting outside the window. Here at 13000 ft in the sky and listening to ‘chandni raatein’ with that picture that God has painted outside, I am short of words to describe the peace.
A 4 hr long flight is pretty boring especially when you don’t have internet 🙂 Indeed a cyber era! And as you would have guessed only a computer engineer can think of internet in a flight !!
So, what the hell am I doing flying to Seattle towards the end of a busy semester at U of I. For those of you who are unaware of the little pleasures of graduate students, we get sponsored trips for onsite interviews from rich companies like Microsoft, Amazon, Cisco, Vmware, Citigroup, Motorola, Citadel and many many more who obviously have lot of extra bucks to feed us. Well, of course they think we are valuable , are we ?? :-)) So here I am off for Microsoft and then Cisco interviews. Thankfully I am not under high pressure to crack the interviews and so can enjoy the nature and get a good break from a cruel semester back at school.

Oh wow, the sky is now dark brown and light blue and is breath-takingly beautiful. Why did I ever become a computer engineer leaving some good talent I had at painting :(. I am regretting it for once today.

As I just look around to see my fellow flightmates and what are they upto, I am suddenly reminded of Hercule Poirot and one of his novels where a murder takes place on the airplane! Well, I know nothing so exciting is going to take place here. And well, I am not sad for it at least 🙂 So, most of my neighbors are relaxing and half asleep not knowing what better to do. One of the ladies on my side is keenly reading a novel since the start, I bet it must be an interesting one. One of the gentlemen in front is watching some cartoon movie on his iBook and laughing occassionally:). The flight attendants are two middle aged women, one chinese (or japanese or taiwanese or vietnamese or….) and other american. They are nice and smiling.

And now as i look out to discover a new picture, I see it getting almost dark with black city line covered with light blue skyline and a streak of dark cloud again on top. I had been always excited to visit west coast but I never knew I would get such a colorful welcome.

My iPod seems to be accompanying the mood fully. I just lean back to listen to the soulful composition from Silsila,
ye kahan aa gaye hum, yunhi saath saath chalte…
(except the irony that here is no ‘saath’)

As my macbook battery length diminishes, I am prodded to end this blog here. With my expectations high for the rest of my trip, I put the lid down with these lines-
shab-e-intezaar aakhir kabhi hogi mukhtasar bhi…
ye chiraag…
ye chiraag bujh rahe hain…
ye chiraag bujh rahe hain mere saath jalte jalte…


Am I Crazy?

I guess looking at the tech blog of mine, u’ll be thinking whats this geek doing here!
Well sorry, just posted it coz I was unable to set up my own wiki on local machine afer 3 hrs of result-less efforts. So I had no option but to post it on here 🙂

hopefully my next post wud be something interesting


Interference-Aware Channel Assignment in Multi Radio Wireless Mesh Networks

The paper is yet another in Multi Channel category. Here r the salient points:
1. have a common default channel between all nodes – eliminates problems like
(i) partitioning
(ii) disruption of flows ongoing at times of channel assignment change (by link-redirection)
(iii) sub-optimal routing
2. can assign channel based on interference on each channel, thus minimizing overall intra- and inter- mesh interference
(i) Minimize interference between routers in the mesh: Tree Shaped traffic pattern -> high priority to link starting from the gateway
(ii) Minimize interference between the mesh network and wireless networks co-located with the mesh: CAS periodically determines the amount of interference
3. External Interefernce Estimation process-
(i) Number of interfering radios on each channel supported by each router
(ii) One NIC -> packet capture mode for each channel, each physical layer type for 3 sec
(iii) # of interfering radio = # of unique MACs external to the mesh
(iv) rank each channel according to interference estimated on it
4. Multi Radio Conflict graph used for Internal Interference Estimation
5. BFS-CA for channel assignment-breadth first search to assign channels to the mesh radios, satisying the goal for internal interference
(i) CAS obtains the interference estimates from the mesh routers
(ii) Choose the channel for the default radios
(iii) CAS create the MCG for the non-default radios
(iv) uses the BFS-CA algorithm to select channels for the non-default radios
(v) CAS instructs the routers to configure their radios
6. Link Redirection before reconfiguring channel-
(i) The node broadcast “INTERFACE-INACTIVE” message
(ii) Any neighbors received message modify routing-table
(iii) Redirect existing flow using default channel interface