Location matters

I recently received multiple inquiries from prospective applicants as to ‘why NYU’? This either means they want me to do their homework for Essay2 or they cant believe a talented person like me went to Stern or something more enigmatic. I have 2 words for them – location matters. NYU may or may not be the best business school but it is in the best location possible for many lucrative fields. And why should you care that much for location? Because when it comes to recruiting and networking, there is a limit on distance and time and money you can spend flying. Dartmouth Tuck may have a very warm student culture and cuddly alumni community but you cant imagine traveling every now and then to Boston or New York just to meet a potential employer or meet an alumnus herself. The point I am trying to make is that MBA in current day is a huge investment and you should spend it at least in a place where you can get most noticed.

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MBA Reapplication: flashback

There is no secret recipe

Around this time last year, after my waitlist denials, I was debating whether to reapply for MBA or seek other paths. Being a career switcher, complications involved in H1B visa and poor job market made it clear within weeks that there was no other way for me. But more importantly, I figured out that only MBA can help me acquiring the important business skills that I lacked in my purely tech background. The lack of those financial and operational skills might come back to haunt me one day and how am I supposed to talk to an investor about equity stakes when I don’t know the right terms. For this and many other reasons, I knew an MBA is more than a degree and job finding agent.
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Final Destination

Its the end of dreaded MBA applications road for me and my destination MBA is NYU Leonard N. Stern School Of Business. I can’t love their location any more than I already do. Here’s a shout-out to other Sternies enrolling in Class of 2012. Rest, picture always says it better. So, here’s my ‘Asterix style The-End of this incredible applications melodrama‘:

Joining NYU Stern

P.S Oh and I am a crazy Asterix fan and have his full collection. If you want any pdfs, drop me a line.

Clear Admit Best of Blogging

Quite taken aback when I was informed that this blog has been nominated for best in MBA applicant blog category by Clear Admit. Although I know I rock, I didn’t expect getting reward for having fun 😉 What was more ‘interesting’ was knowing the top prize – a 32GB iPod Touch! Next step is to cast my vote and I will do it as fairly as I can.

I actually haven’t blogged that much on MBA and feel obligated to post some good stuff soon. In fact, by this weekend, the picture of my next 2 years would be crystal clear and I would be happy to share the outcome. Meanwhile thanks to the Clear Admit team who keeps meticulous track of the applicants and students on Internet. I love some of the student blogs they feature especially Dino‘s and Orlando‘s.