Quote of the Day

He couldn’t hide the hurt afterwards, clutching his face with his hands when an oblique question about Justine Henin’s retirement was lobbed out during the post-match press conference.
“Not today. Ask me another day. Please don’t kill me with questions like this.”

random updates

Summer goes by fast in NY. The temperature crosses that 90 redline at times and there are lot more people to be seen around. Times Square looked a bit dull y’nite as in less dazzling (wonder if its the lighting or too-much-familiarity effect). Many friends have been visiting NY and I got to meet more old acquaintances in past 2 months than 10 months before that. And that reminds me I have successfully completed one full year at my job.

My colorado trip was refreshing, I loved the scenery. And I am happy that I went somewhere other than places on east coast. I hope to see more of West coast and south-west places in US while I am here. That is not to say I don’t like NY, I love NY 🙂 Whenever I shall have an option of choosing where to live in US, it will undoubtedly be New York. West is good just for vacationing 😉 I saw a bit of Maryland/Washington and Virginia too. Virginia was delightfully and densely green.

And movies, long time since I blogged about movies. There have been some worth-seeing movies this summer. The names that come on top of my mind are Dark Knight (which I saw y’nite and absolutely loved it), KungFu Panda, Jaane tu ya jaane na, Iron Man.

I watched my second Broadway musical – The Phantom of the Opera. One cant really describe the awe that Broadway shows inspire, it would just suffice to say that they probably represent the highest achievements of every field in Arts. Its not surprising that Broadway shows sell over one and a half billion dollars worth of tickets annually. I also attended few of the Central Park Philharmonic concerts and its more of a NYC-experience rather than an artistic escapade. It feels good to find a place to lie under the naked sky in New York.

En route to Sand Dunes National Preserve, Colorado