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Kapil Bhati: 4/5
Jan 04, 2015

Nistha – another Kahlil Gibran in the making ! Masterful literary work !!!

‘Seven Conversations’ is a refreshing spiritual fictional novel – elegantly written, with lucid & almost masterful rendition of highly abstract Hindu spiritual concepts, and some beautiful story-telling.

What makes the work more special is that it comes from a very young, first-time (if we discount her prolific ability to churn out post after post on her spectacular blog) & self-made author who is wise beyond her years.

The book urges us to choose happiness over convenience and not give in to the tendency to make expedient decisions in life. It encourages us to believe in & stay true to ourselves. It impels us to make right though difficult choices, and to tap our vast inner reserves of strength to extricate ourselves from life’s trials.

If there is one spiritual book from 2014 you must pick up, this is it. It would not be an exaggeration to say ‘Seven Conversations’ deserves a place on the same shelf as works from the likes of Paulo Coelho & Kahlil Gibran.

Shashwat Singh: 4/5
Jan 02, 2015

There are instances in the book where pages are caught with fire suddenly. And there you start enjoying the fluidity of a spiritual journey, new in itself. Here is a girl on a quest to find the meaning of her existence. She meditated and encountered Krsna who then becomes the charioteer of her chariot destined to Brahma’s secret to life. Story of The City of Justice and its beautiful relation to Karma is captivating and thought provoking. It isn’t a book which reveals something never uncovered before. It is more a new cladding to an age old secret to attain liberation from this moh-maaya world. The author is highly imbued by The Lord Krishna and his golden teaching to Arjuna in the battlefield- Gita. The background story is not devoid of foibles and could have been weaved better. Nonetheless, thank you Nistha Tripathi for conveying a wonderful teachings.

Piyush Dubey: 5/5
Jan 02, 2015

Simply amazing.!!! The best book I have ever read on self-discovery. Really well written and engaging story. The author had beautifully described how we miss day-to-day happiness over success. A MUST read for everyone. Waiting for the next book by the author.

P.S:- My favourite from the book, “Life teaches what no organization can”.

Prachi Pandey: 5/5
Dec 31, 2014

A fabulous way of story-telling by a first-time writer. Nistha’s inner voice rings so clear and true. The narration is so vivid, that I found myself moving through the streets of Vrindavan with the characters. The book is copiously filled with mystical bonding between Meera & Krsna. Soon after flipping first few pages the story starts gaining shape and grips you. A must read for all the people who are looking forward to follow their heart and chase their dreams!

Prabodh Tripathi: 5/5
Dec 30, 2014

Every word is meticulously crafted so that the reader can relate herself/himself to Meera, the protagonist. She lost her happiness. HER HAPPINESS! The thing that I ‘now’ believe is what matters most. This book is an adventure of finding her happiness and letting everything else go. You can’t help but become a part of it. ‘Krishna’ is a bonus!
It took me three months to finish this book. I blame the author who dared me to choose happiness over convenience. And I blame her frequency of giving those dares. Whenever I encountered one, I would put the book down and would complete that dare in my own life before reading further. I’m happy to say that reading this book made me happy.
Gratitude to the author.

Manish: 5/5
Dec 24, 2014

Wow! It’s hard to believe that this is a debut book – very well written with a lot of wisdom squeezed in just about 200 pages. Loved reading the story of the protagonist Meera going on a spiritual journey of self-discovery and eventually finding her calling. A great read for anyone, yeah anyone!

Sid S: 5/5
Dec 21, 2014

A quick philosophical yet pragmatic book..recommended if you are looking to take a step back from day to day chaos and think the real meaning and value of life..

Simmy: 5/5
Dec 20, 2014

One of the most brilliant experiments one can find on Self-discovery….It is very realistic and beautifully written spiritual experience….I wish main protagonist’s personal story was little more complete ( felt disconnected at places)…but otherwise absolutely awe-inspiring notes and dialogues on self-discovery….

Highly recommended and must read – even if you are not looking for your purpose yet..!

Disha: 5/5
Dec 24, 2014

The book has a very simple story, story of a girl next door. A story of pain and healing. A journey so beautiful. A book which connects you to God without really preaching it or being too loud. A MUST Read!

The best line of the book “When loving becomes as involuntary as your breathing – you would have reached the state where loving means simply existing, it is not done to reap any benefits”.

Pinky Mishra: 5/5
Dec 3, 2014

awesome book with perfect blend of emotions and spirituality .I love its spiritual content. It has intresting aspect of life and karma .

There are so many simple and straight forward answers to many of questions, not knowing to whom to ask.

the following lines I liked most.
“If you surrender your senses and awareness to him, then he takes you into his custody. Let him control you.”

must read for everyone…..

Shraddha Subramaniam: 5/5
Nov 29, 2014

Seven conversations is not merely a story but its a journey of a girl Meera Sachdev who is like one of us.. Its the journey of every individual who is struggling to take a leap of faith towards inner happiness. The story is very beautifully crafted.Each conversation has a deep meaning..The most interesting part is the city of justice.. the self discovery unfolded with a simple tale..

“Each one of us is born with a purpose and very few understand it .. ”

Brilliant work !!

I strongly recommend the book

Ruchita: 5/5
Nov 29, 2014

A lot of time in life we wander from one thing to another for search of happiness, not knowing that if that inside peace n satisfaction is missing, whatever materialistic you achieve in life, it is unworthy.

Nistha had put the story is such a crafted way that page by page it keeps you bounded, the more you reach towards end the more you are connected to Happiness !!!

Congrats for the awesome book 🙂

Sanyam: 5/5
Nov 22, 2014

Amazingly articulated by the first time author. Thought provoking book really forces us to think deeper about the life we are living. Must read if you want to choose happiness over everything.

Sumit Mishra: 5/5
Nov 18, 2014

Wonderful book on self-discovery by the first time author. Exchanges between the parents and the protagonist are particularly heart melting.

Jayesh Gopalan: 5/5
Nov 17, 2014

What is love ? What is happiness ? We all struggle with the same question.
Once you start reading the conversation of the character Meera with Lord Krsna it will help you in finding the answer.

The story starts with Meera returning to India, but the book gets interesting from City of Justice part.

There are many great quotes in this book, two quotes which i really liked:

“When loving becomes as involuntary as your breathing – you would have reached the state where loving means simply existing, it is not done to reap any benefits. Would you still call it selfish ?”

“Everything and everyone has a purpose. Some realise it, some don’t. Embodying that fearless love was the purpose of Rukmini’s life. Giving the home to my people was the purpose of Dwarika.”

This is one of the rare books that helped me in some way, that leaves me thinking.
I’d definitely recommend it.

Sanjeev: 3/5
Oct 31, 2014

Truthfully speaking, in the normal course of life, I certainly would have missed out. I would have failed to pick this and the loss would completely been mine. That is for the content not the format or the narration.

Life is an experiment and it will remain so. Everything is MAYA (illusion) and hence you will never be sure about anything that you see, hear, feel, smell or taste. Because the answer is within us. We are the knowledge. What we know is what we may have discovered until now. Life is a bitch and you will be fucked at some time. So simple are the fact of life and so tough they to understand. This is what the book suggests.

Ravi: 5/5
Oct 30, 2014

AN excellent story telling with a mix of spirituality…
It guides you to stand against the adversity by holding onto your belief and makes you a winner from loser.

Sheetal: 5/5
Oct 29, 2014

Very heartwarming and light! Excellent Writing!

Priyanka Batra: 5/5
Oct 28, 2014

Seven conversations by Nistha Tripathi is a book that goes beyond words. In today’s life when we all are hustling and bustling fast meeting the ends, we rarely get time to sit and ponder upon with ourselves. This is a thought-provoking work that inspires you to take a sneak –peak into yourself only to re-discover your true self. Indeed, this comes out to be a self-realization exercise that enlightens you with loads of information and insight into being human.

Meera Sachdev, a representation of disturbed human life, comes back to India after getting divorced. ‘Divorce’, a taboo in Indian context and still remains, dooms her and her life. Unlike customary norms, her family and friends stand by her side and are all ears to her emotional turmoil. Do not take her as a weak lonely separated woman, she is modern woman who might be exhausted temporarily but is not a subject of pity at any given chance. This book is an account of her seven conversations wherein she explores herself, world around her and world beyond her limits, which is populated with her family, friends, teacher and the Lord – Krsna, himself.

The book is fully loaded with words of wisdom and trust me, it is really hard to pin-point only selected paragraphs. She introduces you to ‘Faith’ in an interesting manner and changes the norms of writing about spirituality. The book cover is soothing enough to highlight the importance of setting a connection with the almighty. It directs towards the divine feeling of expanding our limits and reaching out to accomplish new horizons.

Disha: 4/5
Oct 21, 2014

All what I can say is Wonderful and Impressive!

J J Singh: 3/5
Oct 14, 2014

I finished it yesterday. I was really excited to read it because of the story line and also because it involves my darling Krishna.
I read the author’s blog and I know that she has a lot of potential in terms of writing. Somehow I felt that it was underused in this book. Sometimes when you write about something that you have a personal connection with, you tend to be biased and lose the big picture.
The author had a brilliant concept. However, I felt that she lost the grip and basically the direction from a neutral reader’s point of view.
The book fell short to cover spirituality, mythology, a life changing event, sorrow, dilemma, love and fantasy – all in just 220 pages. The switches were too quick. While the ‘sad’ part of it was quite thoroughly written, the other parts deserved more space too. It switched context just when you got the ‘feel’. Since the reason behind the life changing event, which was the foundation of the story, was written briefly and lightly, a reader like me could not develop that feeling of sadness.
She should have elaborated everything. And she could have very well done it given her commendable talent of writing.
It is an excellent first attempt on a wonderful concept. The current generation can relate to it very well. It would also make the readers think about what they really want in their lives and if they are really doing anything about it. It tells you that not everything that glitters is gold. The happiness that you chase in the NY streets, might be waiting for you in a little temple if Vrindavan. It tells you that being at peace with yourself is more important than anything else. All in all, a very different book.

YVR: 5/5
Oct 06, 2014

Great read! Even better – an easy and quick read. Took a short time to finish the book, but the inspiring journey of the protagonist lingers with you for a long time.

The book’s very engaging, and I’m impressed with the way the author handles simple day-to-day emotions and the more complex subjects like spirituality so deftly just in her first book.

Meghant Parmar: 3/5
Sep 25, 2014

When there’s will there’s a way. Even if you are down and out in life there’s not much to speak about yourself then you look up to the unexpected quarters to make you wary of what it is all about. This is how the story traverses a journey from self belief to spirituality to life’s secrets which are hidden in plain sight yet unknown to mankind.

The story is smooth rather it’s one’s failures which make them pursue an out of the box idea to find peace and solace. The book adds quality and gives decent insight to what are the perceptions of people about god,life, success,failure and eventually the summation of what they have done and achieved for themselves or for the others. The story makes you realize about the destined destination of a human and how you yourself have to struggle in order to achieve it.The language is simple and the narration kept clean and keen in order to make the readers understand the entire idea.

The downside of the book is it’s not so in depth approach to few ideologies. The book fells short of a magnanimous status and feels a little incomplete towards the end. Probably it required more untouched aspects of life to be involved and keep things interesting.

All in all the book delivers a good mix of religion and spirituality and human mind. The story tries to carve out a niche for itself through the sufferings of a common woman and manages to evoke a good response to the same. The arrangement of those godly conversations, the doubts and clarity does make it read worthy but it asks for more and loses out on some detailed elaboration. The story is to be read and soaked as it spreads a message of happiness and peace and self attainment of satisfaction. A neat attempt.

Prashant: 5/5
Sep 24, 2014

Seven conversation is a simple story told in a brilliant manner. The backdrop of a young successful professional Meera faced with tough choices in an unforgiving Indian saccharin society is something which everyone will relate to at one or the other point in life. How Meera uses these challenges to discovers herself and finds the true purpose of life is what makes this an extraordinary fable.

A unique writing style with good use of Hindu mythological and Ghalib’s Urdu anecdotes with effortless ease. Beautifully written .. an absolute page turner.

Kamal Kapoor: 5/5
Sep 21, 2014

Captivating book on self-discovery by a first time author. The exchanges between doting and worried parents and the protagonist are particularly poignant. The tale moves from Southern Alps in New Zealand to Vrindavan to the mystic City of Justice as the protagonist searches for self.

Banks: 5/5
Sep 22, 2014

Super book. Great narration. Well done.

Priyanka: 5/5
Sep 22, 2014

This book is phenomenal… beautifully written … I totally loved it.
There is so much to take from this book that one read will not do the justice ..

Rishi Jain: 5/5
Sep 20, 2014

Amazing Narration ! Nistha is articulate and holds the reader till the end !

Amit Sharma: 5/5
Sep 20, 2014

An engaging read. A very topical issue, dealt very well. Really well written for a debut author.

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