FIFA World cup, Wimbledon and Life

I love sports for the way they generate thrill and emotions in everyone’s life. And I have utmost respect and admiration for players who perfect their games and I feel they are no less than the artists creating a piece of art. Sport is such a unifying medium (as is music and other forms of art but more reachable to common mob) and it was an exhilarating experience watching Americans going nuts over USA making it to second round in FIFA World Cup. I feel Americans miss out on the thrill of supporting one’s nation in an international sport event. Most of American sport expertise is bound to these club and premier league events. While USA does have a tremendous presence in Olympic sports, I hope the soccer team and Landon Donovan can ignite American’s interest in popular international sports.

And this summer is just a Godsend to all sports fans like me. I can barely contain the high adrenaline flow FIFA and Wimbledon are generating.

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