Enjoying Goa in Monsoon

the waterlogged fields and ominous clouds in horizon - the typical Monsoon sight
the waterlogged fields and ominous clouds in horizon – the typical Monsoon sight
And that's me! Goa conquered
And that’s me! Goa conquered

Consider visiting Goa in Monsoon if you prefer nature over crowd, love getting drenched in unexpected showers and have ever wondered where did the greenery vanish in India. And if you are a little crazy, like I am. It was my first trip to Goa and I couldn’t have picked a better season – it was lush green all around and devoid of tourists. From the scenic Mumbai-Goa journey in the Konkan railway to a eventful Goa-Mangalore road trip, I got to see a lot of local spots and scenery. The ever-smiling coconut trees, tiny huts, brightly colored houses and waterlogged paddy fields were a sight for sore eyes. I have never seen such greenery in India before. Then, I’m all in for visiting not so touristy spots and found some pretty cliffs and beaches close to my sister’s place in Vasco. I did spend a couple of blissful evenings there. I might have to go back there in another season just to catch an uncloudy sunset – apart from it, the weather and conditions were perfect 🙂

And, I whole heartedly recommend catching this hyped destination in the non-hyped monsoon season for multiple reasons – no traffic, uncrowded beaches, breeze and pleasant weather, bargains, fun of getting drenched, scenery at its best etc etc. I mean who wants to lie down on a swarming dirty beach on a scorching summer day? Give me a nature’s shower amongst the shades of green any day.

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