Veni, Vidi, Vici

How is it possible that I do not pay my respect to the latest victory captured by the tennis God. No tears this time and I did feel sorry for Murray’s crushing loss. Hopefully, this year’s victory of Federer after a flooded loss last time will give some hope to the Scot. As Fed said, he is too talented to not win a Grand Slam.

I came. I saw. I conquered.
I came. I saw. I conquered.

And, the Australian Open was much more enjoyable for another reason – return of my favorite WTA player, Justine Henin. Although she lost in the finals, she showed sufficient evidence of the amount of armor she is carrying. If she wasn’t so intent on practicing her new serve (that turned out very erroneous and risky), she might have had a closer score to say the least. But thats the kind of stubbornness I like in her. I’ll wait till she perfects it and gives her fans a hell of a treat. This is just the beginning and the WTA matches have regained their old zing and ferociousness. 2010 seems promising already.

Justine Henin retires from the world of professional tennis

Justine Henin, a name that ruled the charts in womens tennis for past 5 years, the lady who leads the second ranked player in ATP rankings by around 2000 points, holder of 41 WTA singles titles and seven grand slams is calling it a day in the world of professional tennis.

Shocking might be an understatement for this unexpected bit of news for millions of fans worldwide. Everyone knew she was having a rough time in her career this year but I wonder if any sane person could have seen this coming. But she has been like that, she has lived on her own terms, she has been ‘the inevitable’ Justine Henin always. And what more, she is leaving it at the peak, very very few champions have the guts to do that. Who wouldn’t want to carry on and drag it till they can. I can only imagine the will power it would have taken for her to announce the retirement at a far from old age of 25. Wow, I am 25 and I am just thinking my career is beginning! Of course I dont have millions in prize money and that enviable career record. But wouldn’t it be more tough for her when she has all that! The more I think of it, the more unbelievable it seems. She is one amazing player and will always be.

Its just sad that her personal life did not turn up too successful. The news is going to leave a big void in the womens tennis arena, I dont see anyone with that kind of powerful game and consistency. Look at all the other leading ladies out there, all of them having much more powerful build and height than her. But she gave them a hard time because her game, determination and technique was the most superior of them all. She glamorized the non-glamorous aspects of the game like no one did. People would remember her not for her looks, dressing sense or photo shoots. They will remember her for what she brought to the game, that master single handed back hand and the sheer will to win.

Quoting from her official website-
20 years of passion, ten years on tour, ten years of victories, ten years of emotions and even a few defeats. Thousands upon thousands of supporters, hundreds upon hundreds of chills, and countless tears of joy…

Justine world #1, the great champion, is retiring today as Champion – forever at the top of her art. Your fire, your power, this total comittement to your desire, your breathtaking tennis, and all in the name of your supporters.

Thank you Justine, and may the spirited wind of Champion carry you in all of your new adventures!

A good read on her domination in the past decade here.

You rock dude!