When will India rise above Mumbai?

Mumbai has my sympathy for bearing the brunt of massive terrorist attacks and the insanity of lunatic politicians, standing against the unimaginable floods and nursing millions in slums. When people talk about the spirit of Mumbai residents, I can not help but applaud it. But for past one year, the things have turned so nasty that one wonders whether Mumbai is still a part of India or has grown above it? The last time I was visiting India in Feb’08, Raj Thakeray was fueling the hatred against north indians, a stale move used by the veteran Bal Thakeray in yester years against south indians. Constantly, politicians have tried to use regionalism for petty votes but situation in Mumbai got to a scary extreme. People became too blind to realize the nasty motives of these politicians and played into their tricks by burning many vehicles containing north indians. One can’t help wincing when you hear stories about Bachchans apologizing to Marathis! What the f***!

That was not all, soon Thakeray was interfering with companies who announced lay offs because they simply couldn’t sustain the employee population in a receding economy. But what do they know, when the innocent employees went to the ‘sharan’ of Thakeray, he blessed them and warned the companies to not make any layoffs. Great, this is the kind of environment we need to attract global companies to set up their businesses in India. After all, Thakerays are above law. Somewhere down the lane, a deep trench was being dug between Mumbai and rest of India and Mumbai residents stood mute. Wasn’t Kashmir enough of an issue that we needed this?

And then, the terror struck on 26th Nov and Mumbai witnessed one of the bloodiest attacks after 9-11. The battle that ensued saw many senior and respectable officers giving away their lives. Ironically many of these were north-indians. But that is not the point; the point is when will people realize that its not a Mumbai tragedy, its a tragedy for India and for that matter whole world. And there’s no doubt that every Indian stands united in this time of tragedy but why cant people have the same sensibility when someone attacks Mumbai from inside, someone like these ignoble politicians.

When will I just talk about Indians and not north-indians or south-indians or mumbaians?

a price to pay for perfection

We are in middle of the Olympics and India has claimed its first and only individual Gold in the history of games. Once in four years, Indians think or try to think about sports. And there are questions that you will find them raising vehemently in circle of friends or over a cup of coffee. The emotions vary from shrugs to smirks. From indifference to derision at govt. sports policies, you will find it all.

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Bindra hits bull’s eye

In a country with more than 1.3 billion people, it took a wait of 108 (which is considered lucky in Hindu system) years to see the first individual Gold Medal in the biggest stage of sports – Olympics. The incredible feat was achieved by Abhinav Bindra who rose to the occasion and ended the long drought for India at the medal’s tally. Those who are familiar with Indian sports scenario know how challenging and excruciating it can be to be a part of not-so-popular sports which shockingly involve almost everything except cricket and tennis. Not only is the government extremely careless towards development of sports and promotion of talent in general, nothing short of a gold or silver medal at big events like Olympics or Asian games can bring you to the headlines. These difficulties and struggles make Bindra’s victory all the more special. It is definitely a moment of immense pride for the seventh largest nation in the world.