Veni, Vidi, Vici

How is it possible that I do not pay my respect to the latest victory captured by the tennis God. No tears this time and I did feel sorry for Murray’s crushing loss. Hopefully, this year’s victory of Federer after a flooded loss last time will give some hope to the Scot. As Fed said, he is too talented to not win a Grand Slam.

I came. I saw. I conquered.
I came. I saw. I conquered.

And, the Australian Open was much more enjoyable for another reason – return of my favorite WTA player, Justine Henin. Although she lost in the finals, she showed sufficient evidence of the amount of armor she is carrying. If she wasn’t so intent on practicing her new serve (that turned out very erroneous and risky), she might have had a closer score to say the least. But thats the kind of stubbornness I like in her. I’ll wait till she perfects it and gives her fans a hell of a treat. This is just the beginning and the WTA matches have regained their old zing and ferociousness. 2010 seems promising already.

2009 wrap-up: A remarkable year for ATP tennis

originally published: Monday, November 30, 2009 at 12:43am

David slayed Goliath at the ATP Finals 2009, London. He looks as surprised as the rest of us.

The smallest of top 8 to qualify for ATP final showdown for 2009 pulled a well-deserved victory over the tallest Grand Slam Champion ever and ‘Man of the moment’ – Del Potro. After beating Nadal and Federer in the same event, Davydenko matched the feat achieved by Del Potro at the US Open. But I would say he went a step further and beat the Argentine himself against the odds. He played an amazing cool match where as Del Potro was visibly erratic and volatile. His usual pounding strokes were not flowing as easily and the Russian was matching his power with his swiftness. Davydenko hit a beauty of a cross court winner at just the precise angle and unbelievable pace that left me awestruck for sure.
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Federer Vs Murray, Shanghai, 2008

Shanghai Masterc Cup Highlight Day 5

Look at the sexy shots by Tsonga, only if he could be a bit consistent but well, someone got to lose. And that brings the exciting Fed-Murray clash early morning (around 7-8 am EST) that will determine Fed’s fate in the tournament. Will take nothing short of a miracle, hoping to see a good friday morning tomorrow!

Shanghai Masters 2008

Top 8 @ Shanghai Masters
Top 8 @ Shanghai Master's

Left to right: Nikolay Davydenko (trying to concentrate), Gilles Simon (pleasant), Andy Murray (confident), Novak Djokovic (quite handsome until opens his mouth), Roger Federer (what a disarming smile), Jo-Wilfried Tsonga (carved in stone?), Juan Martin del Potro (Why so serious?)

Eyeing the history in yet another tournament, an unfit and rusty Federer needs to defeat an in-form Andy Murray to proceed to semis for a sixth title at the Shanghai Masters. Given his last performance, Fedex might not stand a great chance against the emerging Scot but the Swiss is capable of pulling brilliant surprises. Should be an interesting match to end the season.

img courtesy: Quentin Shih