2009 wrap-up: A remarkable year for ATP tennis

originally published: Monday, November 30, 2009 at 12:43am

David slayed Goliath at the ATP Finals 2009, London. He looks as surprised as the rest of us.

The smallest of top 8 to qualify for ATP final showdown for 2009 pulled a well-deserved victory over the tallest Grand Slam Champion ever and ‘Man of the moment’ – Del Potro. After beating Nadal and Federer in the same event, Davydenko matched the feat achieved by Del Potro at the US Open. But I would say he went a step further and beat the Argentine himself against the odds. He played an amazing cool match where as Del Potro was visibly erratic and volatile. His usual pounding strokes were not flowing as easily and the Russian was matching his power with his swiftness. Davydenko hit a beauty of a cross court winner at just the precise angle and unbelievable pace that left me awestruck for sure.
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The tennis world seems normal again. Almost.

So long due.

Madrid Final - Fed beats Rafa

Now there might be something to look forward to at the RG.

The rivalry rekindled

For many reasons, Madrid is no representative for Paris but if anything could help Federer heading into Roland Garros, it was to exorcise the ghost of Nadal from his mind. However, if Federer was to beat Rafa on clay, I would have much hoped that it was in Paris but no worries, this victory might just bring Roger back in his angelic forms. Fingers crossed. It’s his first Masters’ title after Cincinnati 2007, so he has much to cheer for and so have his fans- some devotional some skeptic but yet, his fans forever.

“God, its killing me”

Some faces are too good to be standing second.

However, the consoling part is that the one standing at the first position has earned it fair and square. There couldn’t be another more deserving number one right now. Rafa not only won what was long overdue –  hardcourt Slam but also millions of heart and fans by his after-match humble demeanor. At times one wants to hate him for depriving TMF of his destiny at so many occassions but its just impossible to hate that guy. Sigh.

Nonetheless, a tearful start to this year. That face of the Swiss and his words- ‘I dont want to have the last word, this man deserves it’ will haunt me for a long time.

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People who defined 2008 – II

  • The Dark Knight
  • 2008’s highest grosser at box-office and all set to be re-released Jan’09 to cross the 1B mark, The Dark Knight hovered in news for Ledger’s death, his highly acclaimed performance and the movie’s outstanding sales record. The finest superhero movie yet, Christopher Nolan and his crew did a fab job in creating this dark thriller. Oscars may not do justice to this brilliant movie for many reasons but the commercial success might have just compensated for it.The cinema rarely gets any better.

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    ‘I am the best, no?’ – At the moment, yes.


    Excerpt from Ford’s article at tennis.com

    The yes man
    New world No. 1 Rafael Nadal has worked nearly as diligently on his English as his grass- and hard-court games, but he retains the charming habit of ending his sentences with a conversational “No?” It’s certainly not indicative of any negativity. The 22-year-old Spaniard has answered in the affirmative to every single competitive question people had about him this season, and he’s done it with grace and verve. We might have predicted Nadal would win an Olympic gold medal simply by the undiluted enthusiasm he radiated when he marched in the Opening Ceremony. It was a muscular embrace of the moment that has been characteristic of the way he’s approached the challenge of making up the once enormous-looking gap between second and first in the rankings. If it hadn’t been for one incandescent, flawless match by Jo-Wilfried Tsonga in the Australian Open semifinals, Nadal would be contemplating the possibility of a Golden Grand Slam. His accomplishments this season aren’t without irony. Nadal was the most vehement of the top players in voicing (albeit politely) his displeasure with this year’s compressed schedule. In turn, many observers — including yours truly — openly doubted whether his body could withstand the pounding. Yet the steady work seems to have agreed with Nadal. Felicitations are in order. Si?

    Nadal’s “no?” is quite addictive, growing up on me at least. Well if you look at it, seeing him interviewing as a champion after every major victory this year, one is bound to pick it up. Looking at the new order of the ATP ranking and not seeing the favorite name at the top makes me wince but if there is anyone whom I or the TMF fans could bear to see replacing him is undoubtedly Rafa. Interestingly, Rafa has done everything right and earned the crown with every possible conviction unlike Jankovic, who was possibly the shortest-lived leader at the WTA board. A new era dawns upon tennis, lets see how long does this one last.

    That said, the real challenge has just started for TMF, can he overcome the adversity in terms of results and show his mettle to claim the highest acknowledgement in tennis from Sampras? Now is the time because he is against the best competitor he ever saw and his usual preys are coming with a mentality that they can defeat him, which is very unlike the times till last year when most of them conceded the match even before it started. And, seeing him so happy after winning doubles Gold was such a refreshing sight.